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Feb 21, 2010 06:32 AM

Help for a Baltimore hound 5 days in Phoenix/Scottsdale

I'll be in Phoenix for a work trip and would love some recommendations. We'll probably have two or so price is no object dinners as a group (6 or so people), and I might have a chance to sneak out and grab breakfast and lunch on my own. So I'd love a few "fancy-shmancy best place in town" kinds of places and a few hidden gems for breakfast and lunch for myself. I'd like at least one of the latter to be mexican and/or Southwest cuisine, since this will be my first trip to the region.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Where will you be staying? Phoenix is awfully big and you could spend quite a bit of time in transit to your restaurant. To start off:

    Price no object
    1. Noca
    2. Kai
    3. Binkley's

    1. Matt Big Breakfast
    2. Overeasy
    3. Breakfast Club

    1. Piazzeria Bianco is one of the best pizza places in the U.S. - chefs from around the country rave about it, it's that good. If you have at least 6 people you can make a reservation, which is ideal...otherwise get there as early as possible as the wait can be pretty long for a table.