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Feb 21, 2010 06:09 AM

Retail Coffee Roasters in the Mon-Oc?

I am in search of shops that are selling loose coffees roasted in-house. You know, a place to walk in buy a half-pound or a pound or more of freshly (or recently) roasted coffee, even create your own blend. I don't want just the packaged stuff. Think about the old coffee house/roaster in Red Bank, Asbury Roasters. I do not want to roast it myself, nor do I want to travel into NYC just to buy coffee. Thanks in advance.

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  1. its not in Mon-OC but I love Talk-n-coffee in depford and they ship

    1. Platypus, at The Grove in Shrewsbury sells fresh coffee beans by the 1/2, lb.; probably 40 diff types.

      Otherwise, the roaster in Asbury Park gets my vote.

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      1. re: HillJ

        HillJ: I think Asbury Roaster is no more. Can't find them anywhere and the old website is now under construction. But I will try Platypus, thanks for that. I also ran across something called Barbaric Bean Coffee Roasters in Ocean Grove, which I plan to visit in the next day or so to scout.

        1. re: aklein

          Asbury Park Roastery
          (732) 807-3155
          they moved.

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            Thanks for the Asbury Roasters info. I really liked their stuff and if I can find them that would be my go-to. But I will post up some info on Barbaric asap.

      2. ak, pls. let me know what you think of Barbaric Bean Coffee Roasters in Ocean Grove

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          Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm particular about Kona & African beans and they carry the latter.

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            Stopped in yesterday. Had a nice Columbia cup to go. Bought a half-pound of Ethiopian Harrar as a test run and made it this morning. When I opened the bag I noticed right away that there was no gloss to the beans, no oils on the outside. Then I noticed on the bag that it was roasted on Feb 13. The coffee was decent and I like that they post the date, but I was hoping for a more recent roast. The coffee was in a jar on the shelf, but I couldn't tell if it was sealed properly or not, though the clear glass also contributes to quicker aging. Maybe the answer is that in the dead of winter they don't have the business they will in the summer. There were two people sitting separately, and one person behind the counter. In all, I will go back but am going to wait until mid-spring. In the meantime, I am hunting down Asbury Roasters, thanks to HillJ.

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              ak, if you ever wish to buy in bulk this is a knowledge--driven, passionate seller.

              1. re: HillJ

                HillJ-- that's CRAZY interesting... will do some research on that site and maybe take the plunge.... while home roasting is fascinating, I don't know if I'm up to the task (or really interested in doing it when a pro might do it better)... still, great source for coffee, brewers and grinders... thanx!

                1. re: aklein

                  I've taken roasting lessons but I don't have a personal setup but the site is a valuable resource as a customer; knowing what to ask, what to expect, bean ID, etc. I'm always studying this; once worked for an importing co. (20+ years ago) and had the "bug" ever since. Folks who are in the biz have my respect.

        2. Jersey Shore Coffee Roasters, in Leonardo, just off of RT. 36.

          1. A new coffee roasting place opened about 2 months ago in Oakhurst. It's next to the florist, on West Park and Monmouth Rd, which actually is now vacant, and Brennan's and across from Attilio's and the bagel place. It can be a little hard to find because it is behind a hair salon in its own little building. Anyway, roasting their own coffee right there. I had an awesome cold brewed (Not hot brewed and then iced!) coffee and the owners are young and enthusiastic. I went yesterday for the first time and went again today because it was so good! Their website isn't up yet but the link is

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              wow, this is great info... I will check them out soon, thanks

              1. re: aklein

                It's a bit of a drive, but Smal World Coffee in Princeton is fantastic, and the beans are are roasted the day they ship if you mail order.