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Need Side Dish Ideas for Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I will be serving coleslaw along with the pulled pork sandwiches but looking for ideas for additional sides. Thanks.

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  1. oven fried sweet potato wedges, bread & butter pickles, succotash

    1. How about a different slaw you can make with broccoli slaw? So many variations!

      Potato salad would be good, too...esp. if warm rather than cold.

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        You just made my mouth water for some warm German Potato Salad. It would also go well with the pork.

        1. Baked beans, potato salad, macaroni salad, steak fries, mac-n-cheese, baked potato loaded with cheese.

            1. All of these suggestions are great and I want some of everything on my plate (not the beer, that goes in a plastic cup.)
              What are you serving for dessert?

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                These are dishes to be served before a "wine tasting" The dessert will be a cheese course.

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                  Just let us all know what time to show up. Yum! :) Seriously, let us know what you decide. Lots of tasty options here.

                2. How about a tri-colored pasta salad? I've used this before with pulled pork w/slaw.

                  I make mine with tri-colored pasta, italian salad dressing, cubed cheese (you can use cheddar, swiss or anything you like - even a mix of cheeses), olives, pimentos and a little diced green pepper. Gives great flavor and great color.