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Feb 21, 2010 05:43 AM

Meritage - 20th and Lombard

Just wanted to report on a fantastic experience here recently. We had minor quibbles with a couple of the dishes but, otherwise, everything was just great.
We sat at the bar as there were no reservations available. The bar was a comfortable space and we had an enthusiastic, knowledgeable bartender helping us.
Specific highlights were the herb and panko crusted goat cheese with star anise chutney, the grilled grape leaves stuffed with kobe beef, the cauliflower soup with curry oil, and the shortrib Korean tacos.
The wild mushroom risotto was quite good - however it was a touch on the buttery side. Also, the pan-seared scallop with shortrib ravioli, oyster mushrooms, and spinach would've been absolutely incredible if they had dialed down the sweetness a touch and created a little better sear on the scallop.
Also, the bar area is absolutely beautiful. However, the music was some aggressive electronica that seemed a little mismatched with the otherwise very relaxing environment.
Overall, this was an oustanding meal, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others. Total cost all in was $120 for 2.

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  1. Went during Restaurant Week and really loved it, too. (Ordered both off the regular menu and the RW one, it was nice that they offered both.) Great food and a nice change-up from previous incarnations of the space. The pork belly appetizer is just out of this world good.