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Feb 21, 2010 05:34 AM

Review ....Rose's Place---fairlawn ,nj

Had dinner there for first time last night after several previous lunches (although none recently). The place is tricky to find off broadway/rte 4 in fairlawn (even after being there before!) and we managed to miss the parking lot and ended up on a residential street and walked half a block. in any case, the place is in need of some new decor but was packed with new tables being put up in front of a drafty door in the midst of a busy night. The owner was pleasant as was the rest of the staff but service was sloooow taking 15 minutes to order and a good twenty minutes between courses. All that said (and i do remember previous visits on the slow side as well) the place is well priced for the value of the food. Among the highlights....tabouleh salad is unsurpassed, great hummus, delicious borak (phyllo cigars filled wil spinach & cheese), above average very thin pita (from paterson in a bag, although very good i would still much prefer if served warm). The shish tawook chicken platter was great with outstanding rice and beef kebob platter terrific as well. will certainly return although will try to go earlier and when not pressed for time.

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  1. Rose's also has a place in Englewood, and reviews seem to be mixed about it. It's probably the sort of place where it depends on what you order and when you go. Personally I have only gotten the mixed mezze platter to go, and eaten it at home, usually as I am just passing by. All I can do at this point is agree with one thing you posted- that tabbouleh is fantastic (VERY green, with lots of mint mixed in with the parsley, and very heavy with the lemon), and it is the reason I have been stopping in when I have.

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      If you like to have something at Rose's of Englewood again, you had better stop there soon. It's presently listed for sale @ $400K (according to the second helpings blog), so it may not be around much longer...either through sale or closing.

      1. re: fourunder

        i've not found any correlation between listings and the future of a restaurant. many restaurants put out feelers...just like home owners do on sites like (see the "make me move" feature).

        with these types of posts, the Record and its food blog seem to do nothing but promote the idea that these restaurants are in trouble financially, or want to close. perhaps if they applied some analysis and research to those posts, there would be something real and meaningful to report. otherwise they are at best acting as nothing more than an aggregator, and at worst, hurting local businesses by perpetuating rumors.

        1. re: tommy

          Your points are well taken....and I'm not in disagreement for the most part.....but, once or twice, I can think of where he has been right. There was a place in Tenafly which he reported was for sale and subsequently it closed, and then just recently there was Mango's in Hackensack, which he reported was listed for sale on the 1/24 and then on 1/28 the place was closed for good....He also did a little reporting on some place in Cresskill that tried to be as green as possible in operating, which ultimately closed as well. Whether he reported it was listed for sale or not, I cannot recall, but I can only assume it was, since the storefront is now another Italian restaurant. Conversely, to prove your point, he reported a Vietnamese restaurant for sale in Englewood last year, and it is still operating.

          The intention of my comment was more aong the lines of.....if you like the way the food is prepared now, you had better get there soon. If it is closed you will not get the chance. If it is taken over by another principle, it may change by virtue of different management or kithcen staff.

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          Heard from a business owner in Englewood that it is a family dispute that closed down Rose's but it should be temporary.

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          is the Rose's place in Englewood called Bennies? or is that a totally different restaurant? (as i have read good things about Bennies, and would doubt there are 2 Lebanese restaurants in Englewood)

          1. re: yogi70

            Bennies is a totally different, very delicious spot on Palisade avenue, the main drag. Roses' is, was, on Demarest Ave off Engle ST. I belive they are closing it is always empty when I pass. Try Bennies very good Lebanese Food!

            1. re: yogi70

              Well, it's already been answered, but I would also suggest Bennie's over Rose's, especially if you are coming into town just for a meal. They've been around for at least 10 years and are pretty damn solid across the board- get the spicy eggplant if they have it.

              Rose's is, as I mentioned upthread, a convenience stop for me, so I haven't been there during the dinner hour or ordered anything but the cold mezze platter. I do enjoy that tabbouleh, though- it reminds me of what a place called Pahal Zan in Queens serves. I will say that they never seemed a good fit for that space (actually, nobody seems to last there), so it wouldn't surprise me if they aren't there long.

          2. Rose's in Englewood is a pretty dreary experience in every way. For this type of food, Bennie's on Palisade Ave, about 3 blocks away, is a much better choice.

            As far as being for sale, Saigon R was rumored to be for sale a year ago, but it's still going strong and is packed most nights under the wonderful hand of owner KT.

            1. I ate at Rose's in Fair Lawn for lunch right after they received a glowing review in Record. I thought the food was absolutely delicious, and have tried unsuccessfully to get back there ever since. Yes, it is absolutely tricky to park and find. I look forward to eating there again.

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                Rose's in Fair Lawn is as good a Middle Eastern Restaurant as you are going to get outside of Beirut.
                The appertizers rule here. Snails in Tahini , Falafel and Taskash Arias (misspelled but grammatically correct are Great) It's a bring your own with exceptional value, especially in Bergen County. The parking is tricky but worth it.