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Feb 21, 2010 05:04 AM

NOTL - bday dinner after wine and chocolate event

Good Morning!

I am looking for a restaurant recommendation for a birthday dinner in NOTL or Niagara Falls this Saturday night.

We are spending the day winery-hopping with the Wine and Chocolate event and are looking for a great spot to finish the day at.

There are 2 vegetarians in our party.....looking to avoid tourist traps and places that are overly fancy/stuffy. Ideally, I would love to find a bistro/Italian place similar to Gio Rana's or Table 17 in Toronto.

Somewhere with great food and a comfortable, fun, eclectic environment. I know the Fabulicious event is taking place that weekend......but I wasn't overly inspired by the featured restaurants/menus I saw.

Thanks so much for your help in advance!!! :)

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  1. My favourite spot in NOTL and the one I always recommend is Stone Road Grille. It's neither stuffy nor fancy, but the quality of the food and service are top notch. The menu always has at least one fantastic vegetarian app and entree -- the last time I was there, my friend had a wild mushroom crepe that she loved. They also have an extensive Ontario wine list, with many by the glass, which is an easy way to try some of the wineries that you may have missed.

    And don't be put off by the location -- it's in an unassuming strip mall at the corner of Niagara Stone Road and Mary St.

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      My 'new' favourite haunt in NOTL is The Old Winery Restaurant. No, it isn't new and has been around for a few years, but I only recently started going there after a frine who live sint he area advised me to go.

      I have always had a good meal there.

      Be sure to make reservations as this place fills up quickly.

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        Our friend loves that place... but from what I can see it's mostly pizza... or am I wrong?

        1. re: missmouse

          There are a few pastas, salads, etc. as well. My parents and SO love the place, but I've never had a good experience there.

          Revisited a couple weeks ago. Had their bison burger - forgot to ask about onions, which are abundant in their burger mix. Have since remembered asking about onions while ordering during a previous visit, only to be told that the mix was pre-made, so it wouldn't be possible to have a burger without onion. That's a me-specific problem because of some digestive concerns, but there was a more universal problem with seasoning... the meat was overpowered by a salt/herb taste. Otherwise nicely cooked. Fries not so nicely cooked... could only be described as flaccid. Totally unappetizing.

    2. We were there last weekend for the same event - had a great time and hope you will, too!

      I am also going to recommend the Stone Road Grille for your dinner. They are probably your best bet for exciting vegetarian options, based on my fading memory of looking at every menu I could get my hands on before we left. We have never had a bad experience there - flawless service, delicious food, wonderful wine pairings. It's always packed, but you don't feel crowded. And the food itself has a bit of a "fun" feel to it.

      1. Great! Thanks for the recommendations - Stone Road Grille looks great and sounds like what I'm looking for! :)

        Any recos on what to order? Any hits/misses?

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          I've never had a bad dish there. The risottos are usually fantastic. I did once have a risotto where the rice was undercooked, but they took it away immediately and made another. The only "eh" dish I've ever had was a roasted chicken supreme. Certainly not bad, but it was just a nice piece of roasted chicken. Everything else has been great. The nice thing is that they offer their main courses in small and large versions, so you could almost make a tasting menu out of an app and a couple of mains. But save room for dessert, because they do them well.

        2. I second (third, fourth) Stone Road Grille. Went just last weekend and we love it there. Had the BEST waiter (Mark) and the owner is super. Be sure to make reservations though! It is busy busy.