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Feb 21, 2010 04:32 AM

Looking for a restaurant with a view in Cleveland

Still new to Cleveland and I'm looking for a restaurant with a view of the city to bring friends from out of town to. Any recommendations?

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    1. re: jerseygirlinOHIO

      2nd the rec for Pier W. It's known for the view.

    2. Pier W is great, but also look into Fat Cats. It is in Tremont and has an awesome view of downtown over the industrial flats.

      1. Ponte Vecchio has a great view. I like the food too. the view is close up. I also like Pier W but of course it is bit more pricey. the view is further out. Fat Cats has GREAT food, but the view only exist at a couple tables and the view is more eclectic (gritty, subtle) than the others.

        1. This is probably too casual, but the view is impeccable. Try Hoopples on Columbus Road. It's a cozy little place with solid bar food. The view of the city is accurately represented on the home page (as of today anyway).