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Feb 21, 2010 04:19 AM

Know of good comals and molcajetes?

Any recommendations on Phoenix sources for a comal and a molcajete? I’m in Phoenix for two weeks before I head back to Boston, sadly, where finding this kind of stuff is a challenge. The great thing is I’m driving, so hauling heavy lava rock and solid cast iron isn’t a problem.

I’ve tried the Ranch Market near the airport, but the molcajetes were plastic and the comals were wobbly and won’t work on my solid-surface range top. Haven’t seen anything at all in the local regular supermarkets around Anthem where I’m staying.

Oh, I should mention that I’d like to get these items on the cheap. I know you can source this stuff on Williams Sonoma, but I’d like to avoid hefty shipping charges and inflated prices when I just know I can find it nearby but don’t know where to look.

Thanks in advance, my knowledgeable friends!

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  1. There is a flea maket week-ends at 35th ave. and Buckeye called El Gran Mercado,that has a couple of booths that have all kinds of Mexican cooking equipment. .I'm sure you can find everything you are looking for there.It is on the northwest corner.It's huge ,you shouldn't have any trouble finding it.

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      That sounds fun and perfect. Thanks, twodogs!