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Feb 21, 2010 02:43 AM

Any " Best " places in the Wilmington, NC / Carolina beach area ?

We are heading down to the Caroline Beach area in May. does anyone have any favorite places to Eat , maybe have a few drinks. also hoping to find a real good Market,
meat,seafood ,produce 3 of us usually cook our favorites for the group most days. I see there is a Whole Foods. but I'm hoping for something with a little local flavor. especially on Seafood.

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  1. If you do a search, you'll find lots of previous posts, for example:

    Motts Channel Seafood in Wrightsville Beach is an excellent seafood market, although a bit of a hike from CB.

    1. I'm not an expert but we really liked Catch. It is a BYOB wine and the food was seafood with Asian fusion plus some good fried fish. Circa 1922 was also good with a little more atmosphere. Indochine has gobs of atmosphere and decent food. Freddies had a really good basalmic pork chop. Jack Mackerals is actually decent.

      The Tiki Bar is fun to sit on a pier and get drinks and burgers. The Fat Pelican is the most unique bar I've been to in NC.

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        Catch on Princess is only open for lunch now; new location on Market is open for dinner, but a disappointment.

      2. Sorry to disappoint, but there's not a Whole Foods down there.

        Most of my recommendations are Wilmington/Wrightsville. Motts is great for seafood. There's also a Fresh Market (good cheese, etc). Tower 7 on Wrightsville is a great little spot for fish tacos.

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          We had an unexpectedly great meal at Cape Fear Seafood. Their fried oysters were cooked perfectly. Still juicy inside yet crisp on the outside.

        2. I've had good luck at Blackburn Brothers. Considering the beat down exterior, I was astonished by the variety of fresh seafood. Their fishing boats are tied off about 20 ft. away from the storefront. It's a little bit hard to find....the best way to access it is off Carl Winner Drive. Go into the back parking lot of Tangerines {I assume this place still exists} and drive parallel to the'll run into another smaller parking lot where Blackburn's is located. Address below

          Blackburn Brothers Seafood‎ 440 North Lake Park Boulevard, Carolina Beach, NC 28428-4803 ( 910) 458-9001‎

          1. Tandoori Bites (Indian on College Road just past Oleander) is great. Reasonable prices. The buffet at lunch is not your standard greasy Indian mosh pit, but a nice selection of vegetarian and meat dishes (though the samosas are predictably mediocre; I've never understood why they insist on putting these out for a buffet). Dinner is very good also; TB has an extensive menu. Go for the bread basket ( a bit pricey at $5, but comes with 3 different types of bread) and some mango chutney, which they make on site. We've eaten there several times, and sampled a large part of the menu. Ironically, the tandoori meats are probably the weakest items on the menu -- a bit dry, though edible with lots of raita or mint chutney. The decor is alright, but hey, the building formerly housed a Wendy's; ironically, the booths in front (where the "sun room" used to be) are the nicest seats, though TB is not ugly by any means.

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              Ida Thai on N. Lake Park Blvd. in Carolina Beach is really, really good. It's much better than what's on offer at Durham/CH Thai places. We went twice during our recent stay.

              We had a very nice dinner at Caprice Bistro on Market St. in Wilmington. Very good from start to finish. I had the waterzooi, which I can definitely recommend; SWMBO had the chicken crepe, which was also very good. Great desserts too. Service was very friendly.

              Caprice Bistro
              10 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28401

              1. re: Remsleep

                I will second the strong positive recommendation for Caprice Bistro. The folks who run this place are French, and have run restaurants in NYC and Charlotte before settling in Wilmington. Classic French bistro cooking, impeccably prepared.

                Caprice Bistro
                10 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28401