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Cape Cod Chinese

Besides Golden Fountain, any great Chinese in Mid Cape: The Yarmouths or Harwiches, please? Dennis' two places are YUCK and I need a Chinese fix. Please..

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  1. The only Chinese restaurant that I go to when I'm on the Cape is the Double Dragon Inn on Rte 6A & Rte 28 in Orleans: 508-255-4100. I love Chinese food and it's near very good in my opinion. You can order their luncheon specials or from the regular menu. I would highly recommend Double Dragon Inn in Orleans MA.

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      thanks BK..their reviews on www.yelp.com are abysmal. For a frame of reference where do you dine say in Boston or other Cape Cod eateries..thanks..I don't do poo poo platter Chinese if that helps..thanks

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        Double Dragan is a poo poo Chinese type of place. Tiki Port in Hyannis is better for that sort of food. Hard to top the Golden Fountain as you know. Asia in Mashpee Commons is good, but not in the area. Dragon Lite on Main St. in Hyannis can be good on occasion for a change of pace.

    2. Worlds away from y'all, but if you are inclined to travel my favorite is Peking Palace in Falmouth. Always fresh food, great service and decent selections. Special orders are honored ,I once dined there with a visiting Chinese language Phd, and was blown away by the food served. None of which was on the menu.
      Ginger lobster, crispy sea bass, steamed Chineese greens and fresh (if not authentic) sushi are some of my favorites.

      1. Give it up AP. Ya best plan a trip to Quincy KM Plaza for ds at China Pearl
        of dindin at South Garden.

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          in Boston now..where is KM Plaza?? South Garden? Please!

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            Here is a link with info on South Garden: http://www.yelp.com/biz/south-garden-.... I haven't been there yet, it is fairly new but I have heard great things about it. The Vietmase restaurant a few doors away is very good, we always enjoy it, China Pearl in the same complex is also good and features dim sum. The Kam Man Market is a marvelous experience, a huge place with an endless variety of Asian food items, it smells wonderful and the mish mash of dialects that you hear there is musical. The whole complex is simply wonderful and one of my favorite places to visit. It's an easy exit from Logan to the Cape.

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              the link does not work..what exit please..I head to Boston Sat. and need a dinner spot on the return please..

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                Try this link, phelana, you can google directions and a map from this site as well. Let me know if it doesn't work. http://www.yelp.com/biz/south-garden-....

        2. Sorry, when I copied and pasted the link it omitted "-quincy" at the end. This should work:

          1. Phelana, please excuse me, I don't know what I'm doing wrong here as each time I try to give you the link it doesn't include "-quincy" at the end. Directions are complicated. Try the link adding "-quincy " at the end or google it: 217B Quincy Ave, Quincy 02269, 617-328-6628. Hope this helps and sorry for my ineptitude.

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              taddybelle's 2/24 post on KamMan Plaza is dead on in my opinion. I'd caution that South Garden, as is the Vietnamese place, is just a square room, no frills. The huge menu is broken into sections for quick focus. if you're a gadget person the discount store to the left of the front door to KM is a hoot. If you're into natural meds the aisle stores are pure joy. The little Vietnamese lunch stall, to the right of the doors to the KM, is good. In KM, don't miss the wonderful bakery just to the right of the front doors to the grocery store. Further down, cooked duck! The fish market at the back wall is fantastic. Great frozen food offerings as well. From morning to 2 p.m. China Pearl serves dim sum. I guess what I'm saying is if it's your first time to the mall, plan to stay a while and bring a cooler. Also, look carefully at aisle 1, fruits and vegetables, they offer a dazzling choice, the Shanghai Bok Choy is so fresh and, if you read pricing closely, fruit bought by the case is a great deal.

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                Sounds like a blast. Many thanks to all the contributors here!

                Here's a link for the "technically impaired". :-P


            2. Tea at KamMan: the middle aisle is all tea. A lover of tea could spend an hour in this one aisle easily. At the cash register end of the aisle are the wonderful Yamamotoyamna teas from Japan, the Genmai Cha, Green Tea with Roasted Brown Rice being especially good on taste and for health; and, their Special Occasion Green Tea is terrific. There is Master Of Herbs, Oolong Slimming Tea, great taste for Oolong lovers. Also, sugar free Herbal Ginger Tea for those with glucose concerns or Wild Guava Tea for a calcium boost. Noni drinkers will find Tra Trai Nhau Vietnamese tea. And the all time favorite of herbal teas is the Green Tea with Kombucha and Chinese herbs. --- Fruit: the Korean white pear is juicy and delicious. The persimmons are the most flavorful you will find anywhere, if they have a good selection.

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                raise your hand if you want Afar to lead a group to Kamman??

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                  I get the feeling very nice people will soon visit KamMan for the first time, enjoy. I'd like to mention one other item we fine special. We tend to favor Japanese products but there is a silken tofu at the end of the vegetable aisle against the back wall that we find to be the very best. It's from Chang Shing Tofu, Inc., Cambridge, MA, 1lb 15 oz drain weight, white plastic container, wide green band with narrow blue band above the green, red Chinese characters across the green band. Excellent tofu.

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                    Have you had the Dim Sum at China Pearl? If so, any faves?

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                      Yes, a few times, and we've had dim sum around the planet. Given what's not available to us here, we have no complaints and are really happy CP is there and on our side of Boston. We eat it all and as you know the offerings vary greatly. We try to go as a group so as much food as possible can be sampled. Although it caters to mostly Chinese, the staff is friendly and helpful. We never go on a weekend, it's too busy. However, some of the more yummy offerings are only prepared on weekends such as grilled stuffed pepper, if memory serves me right.

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                        Here's a link to a list of items common to dim sum and at China Pearl. Scroll down to blue type for list: http://chinesefood.about.com/od/dinin...

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                          So I have a hankerin' to drive up north for some Dim Sum later this week. Is China Pearl the place to go or is it worth it to go the extra 30 minutes to Chinatown. If so, where?

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                            Sorry CCG been away. If you have not yet made the trip, I strongly recommend you only go as far as Exit 16 to KamMan Plaze & China Pearl for dim sum. Definitely best to have a table full, at least 3 but 4 or more hungry folks are best to enjoy a good sampling of available foods. We make the Ebisuya Market/KamMan trip with dinner at South Garden yesterday. If you are short on time, and only intending eats at China Pearl, be sure to run into KamMan and hit the bakery just to the right of the front door. The pineapple bread (no pineapple ingrediente???) two for a buck is terrific as is the chestnut roll cake and lots of other stuff. Enjoy.

                            China Pearl Restaurant
                            288 Mishawum Rd, Woburn, MA 01801