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Feb 20, 2010 09:04 PM

Hickory BBQ Fort Myers

I understand it just re-opened. So has anyone tried it? I would LOVE some real BBQ here in SW Fl. Please let it be the real deal!

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  1. Everyone has an opinion about what real bbq is. North Carolina: east and central, Memphis, St. Louis, East St. Louis, Mississippi, Kansas City. All very different, or at least to their constituencies <G>

    The bbq pork here is smoked, sliced, served dry with a thin vinegar based side sauce which tasted ok. Mine q was very chewy. Had the cats head biscuits...dry, a little cabbage swimming in sourcream/mayo and a coconut cream pie that reminded me of jello pie mix. Some are ecstatic about it opening. Their ribs looked good and I might have liked those. They weren't gooey looking at all and all nostalgic for the old Fort Myers or something. I won't go back voluntarily, but I am sure someone will drag me there in the next year excited about their "find".

    Do a search here, there was quite a bit of discussion here about a month ago. There were two positive perspectives. You'll have to see for yourself though.

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    1. re: LilMsFoodie

      Thx, I am not too picky about sauce, partially because I am a South Carolina mustard guy and you can only get that in SC, but the q must be pit roasted and pulled and not sliced. It should never be chewy. Biscuits are a southern sacrament so bad ones are unforgivable. I keep hearing the the old Hickory BBQ had the best Coconut cream pie ever. Shame that the new one isn't up to snuff. Sounds like you saved me a trip.

      1. re: Rusyoak

        I think many people have only had jello pudding, coconut cream pies. If your mom made that sort of pie with purchased pie crust, then Hickory's pie would be ultimately nostalgic. Nostalgia can make up for a multitude of mistakes. LOL.

        My husband is very parochial about his bbq. must be slow roasted with hickory smoke then pulled. I apologize for leaving out the mustard based SC BBQ in my little rant.

        1. re: Rusyoak

          Big Daddys BBQ is usually at the Shell Station on Homestead in Lehigh Acres every Sunday and its pretty good BBQ. They do the mustard based sauce and the meat just falls off the bones and is nice and tender. The Pulled Pork was fantastic. They are there other days too but its best to call ahead - 2395608464 8632938701

        2. re: LilMsFoodie

          I love the sauce! I've never really cared too much about anything but the sauce! I moved from SWF to the SC thinking there would be all this wonderful BBQ! Everyone has different tastes! Personally I think the "down home" style is a little much sometimes! I like the simple things! All I REALLY want totknow is if anyone knows how to make that sauce??

        3. I am with you I get tired of watching Diners driveins and dives watching all that good food which I can't find in or around Ft Myers I have found 2 good pizza places and I'm from NY
          I have writen the food network and asked if they could find a place around the area but no luck from them I have tried all the BBQ places around and those that have opened except one on Hancock bridge PKY or Pondella the place is a small store front type with 2 othe r store there on the righ heading towards pine island road from 41 There is also some guy on martin luther king just past the rail road trcks that do BBQ and usally there is a good crowd waiting it is a hit or miss with them so if you come across anything let us know

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          1. re: Figment51

            >>>>BBQ places around and those that have opened except one on Hancock bridge PKY or Pondella the place is a small store front type with 2 othe r store there on the righ heading towards pine island road from 41<<<

            where is this?
            rib city in nfm has decent bbq.

            i wasn't impressed with hickory bbq, but i caught it at the end of lunch. big portion, but dry and light on smoke flavor. i used LOTS of sauce. thimble-full of cole slaw and a very average biscuit (give me sonny's garlic bread). pie was fine. fed my fries to the seagulls at the beach. they seemed to really enjoy them! (felt like i was in a hitchcock film). photo is not me, but the bird looks similar! ;-)).

            my nephew liked hickory bbq on the occasion he went.

            1. re: Figment51

              i was there in late april/early may. they are closed again??

            2. Hickory appears to be closed now for maybe two months. I didn't do an internet search but there is no note on their door that they moved. Not sure what happened. I didn't like it but some did.

              1. This place re-opened last January. It was devastating when it closed to a large and loyal following 6 years ago. The restaurant looks exactly the same inside. The menu is little changed with most all of the favorites still there. I have always loved the ribs and pork sandwich but the sauce is the most unique I have ever had and that includes Kansas City and all the Carolinas (Memphis is just a place with BBQ so bad it killed Elvis). The sauce is served heated. I don't mean as in hot with pepper. My bottle actually burned my hand when I overshot my sandwich. The sauce is not loaded with high fructose corn syrup and brown sugar like most BBQ restaurants. It has real flavor instead of just being sweet or overloaded with pepper. And though it does seem to have a vinegar base it doesn't gag you like other vinegar based sauces. I soak their french fries in the stuff it is so crazy good. Their ribs are somewhere between a traditional pit smoked, baby back and a good Chinese restaurant spare rib recipe.
                I don't expect everyone to understand the draw this place has had for 60 years. This place innovated it's own BBQ. It didn't try to suck up to some Foodie TV generation's idea of what Al Roker or Rachel Ray would exclaim as they rudely smacked their lips and talked with their mouth full into the camera. This is real American cuisine served the way it was for generations. To give you an idea of the success of this restaurant it remained while a Burger King, Burger Chef and yes even a McDonald's all failed directly across the street from it. That's just the fast food casualties. Others include seafood restaurants, pizzerias, delicatessens and more. Try the pork sandwich, ribs, chicken and the fried catfish and don't leave without a slice of the coconut creme pie!

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                  1. re: Suzie

                    Where McGregor Boulevard meets San Carlos Boulevard. They are actually on what is now called Old McGregor Boulevard. It is an Area that the great city planners have chopped up and rerouted several times over the past 20 years. You will see the vintage sign and the chimney peering over the south side of the street as McGregor transfers to San Carlos.

                  2. re: Cyberbronco2

                    THANK YOU! The sauce is the Key!! I want the recipe so bad! Best sauce in the world!

                    1. re: Cyberbronco2

                      They are open and they are just as wonderful as I can remember! The hours are limited for now but it's worth it!

                    2. yes, we here at the Hickory are open! It is the same owners serving the same exact recipes from 1956! Right now our hours are Mon-Thurs 10:45-2:30 and Friday& Saturday 10:45-8:00.
                      Contrary to popular statements, the pies, sauce, slaw etc are all made fresh from old family recipes every day. including the coconut pie crust.
                      Food is a personal experience and literally a matter of taste. I for one dont like my chicken to taste like it has syrup or honey poured on it and quite enjoy the tangy sauce here at the Hickory. The food has continued to improve as we have been open longer and getting back into the swing of things. My apologies to those who were so disappointed with it.
                      Starting in March, we will extend our evening hours to include Thursday as well. Please come back and give us a try!

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                      1. re: nerdygirlie

                        Best BBQ in the world! I moved away 6 years ago, the day you closed!! The line was so long to get in we didn't get our final meal, or our gallon of sauce! 6 years later We visited our hometown and made a stop in......STILL the best!! STILL the most wonderful SAUCE in the world(took home 1/2gallon) I really want to move back to SWF just for Old Hickory!! We thought we would get some REAL southern BBQ in SC< mostly just A lot of Fatty Mess! MIss the Old School Hickory!! Please stay open till we can make it down to eat there again! Love it!!