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Feb 20, 2010 06:30 PM

Blackberry Farm?

Hello all. My husband and I are planning a week long tour of Tennessee this summer and we were thinking of stopping at Blackberry farm in Walland. Have any of you been there? Is it worth a stop for lunch? Thanks so much!

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  1. I haven't been, but ... it's one of the top culinary destinations in the country. Like, up there with French Laundry. It was the focus of an episode of Gourmet's Adventures with Ruth Reichel (

    They don't publish their prices online, but just know that it won't be cheap. If you enjoy truly gourmet, local, organic food ... yeah. If I had the opportunity to go and could afford it, I'd not only jump at the chance, I'd do somersaults.

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      I saw the episode you are talking about and immediately took out the map to see how far out of the way it will be for our trip. Considering how much they charge you for a room at the farm (we will NOT be spending the night), i figured it would be an arm and a leg to eat there. We are just trying to decide if it would be worth it. Thanks!

    2. We stayed there in the fall and it was very good, I don't think you can eat lunch there however unless you are staying at the resort. You might call ahead to check it out. The lunches change every day as do the dinners, but the dinners are where it's at. The place is very, very, very expensive.

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      1. Unless you have a reservation for accomodations you can't even get onto the property.

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          Well, that is a bummer; but thanks for the heads up.

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            Check out their "sister" operation in Maryville, TN called RT LODGE. Heard exceptional reports although I have not been there yet.


        2. Do a search for poster Bill Hunt + Blackberry Farm. He has written some very detailed reviews that should have you booking your reservation! His food knowledge and experiences run deep and I personally would love to tag along with him and his wife on some of their culinary adventures!

          1. two words--WORTH IT; plus you can fish, walk, or ride through their beautiful property to burn off the calories!