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Feb 20, 2010 06:29 PM

Yoko's/Suzu-you in San Mateo closing -- chef to relocate?

It is with great sadness that I ate my last meal at Yoko's in San Mateo last night (formerly Suzu-you). Every meal that came out of their kitchen was like your grandma cooked it.

The original chef from the Suzu-you days left a couple of months ago, and I forgot to ask Yoko if he was planning on cooking anywhere else. Does anyone happen to know?

In particular, I went to Yoko's for the sashimi, the sukiyaki, and the saba shioyaki. Their saba was always incredibly fresh and flavorful, so simple and perfectly grilled so the meat was succulent and the skin crispy. I could have eaten it every night of the week. Does anyone have opinions on where else it's possible to get saba shioyaki this good??

Yoko's Japanese Restaurant
505 2nd Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401

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  1. suzu-yu was my favorite japanese restaurant on the peninsula when it was open. people would always go to sushi sam or the other more expensive restaurants but suzu-yu had better traditional japanese food.

    that was also when takahashi was the main japanese grocery store in the area. times have changed....

    1. Was so sad to drive by Sunday and see that this was closed. One of the best in the area and, yes, like mom's home cooking. Would love to know if the chef is continuing somewhere else.

      1. =-(

        *** pours out a little cold sake in remembrance ***