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Feb 20, 2010 06:09 PM

Maryland Brews

I'm mostly a Yuengling guy, I know I know.....but I like it. But I've been trying to expand my horizons and have been trying out the local brews...and found a new one today that I've enjoyed.
Clay Pipe's Backfin Ale.

My other local favorties so far have been Flying Dog's IPA (name escapes me),
Dogfish Head's IPA's (not Maryland, but close enough) and of course Fordham's two Ales, the Tavern & Copperhead. (Gotta love Ramshead).

Any suggestions of other Maryland brews I need to check out. I tend to like the Ale's.

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  1. I really enjoy the beers from Brewer's Art. I like Ozzy and the Green Peppercorn Tripel.

    1. No need to apologize for being a Yuengling guy...they make some very good beer. I like the micros, but more and more it seems like some of them are making a concerted effort to burn out our palates just for the sake of it.

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      1. re: The Professor

        Yuengling is still my favorite, not sure that will change. At least when drinking multiple beers.

      2. Yes, Brewers Art and Flying Dog would be high on anyones Maryland beer list no doubt. I would also put Clipper City high on that list as well. They make a number of good brews and are based just outside of Baltimore. Ellicot Mills isnt bad and Du Claw has its place. And if you ever find yourself in PG county check out Franklin's brew pub. And is Wild Goose still based in Maryland?

        1. I don't know where in MD you are but if you ever end up in Baltimore, after stopping at Brewer's Art from a couple beers (Resurrection is their most popular) stop by Max's in Fells Point. They usually have a few MD beers as bottles or on tap. And Heavy Seas (a Clipper City Brand). If you have a chance do a brewery tour at Clipper City. It's a fun way to sample all their beers and learn about the business.

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          1. re: viperlush

            I think Clipper City has rebranded themselves as Heavy Seas. Wild Goose was bought out by the late Frederick brewing which is now Flying dog. It's a shame 'cause Wild Goose made some nice brews that weren't caught up in the hop wars. They tended to be more English in their tastes, IMHO. I miss them. Oxford is now owned by Haevy Seas and is justa brand for a fruit beer, they made a great brew, Oxford class.

            1. re: MOREKASHA

              That's what I thought, but looking at the Clipper City website it didn't seem like they have done it yet. Under the Oxford brand they produce Oxford Class Organic Amber Ale and Oxford Organic Raspberry Wheat Beer.


              1. re: viperlush

                They makean Oxford Amber? Hmmmm, are they using Oxford as their organic line?

                1. re: MOREKASHA

                  According to their website Oxford is their Organic line.

                  <Oxford Organic Ales Oxford is now ORGANIC! Oxford - the name says tradition. Organic - the sensibility of today. Together - the perfect union of nature's purest bounty and the artisan's craft. There are two products to start - Oxford Class Organic Amber Ale and Oxford Organic Raspberry Wheat Beer. >

              2. re: MOREKASHA

                I don't think they've rebranded. I always understood the Heavy Seas line to be a premium beer line made by Clipper City.

              3. re: viperlush

                Do you know if you can buy any of the Brewer's Art beers at a retail location?

                1. re: cb1

                  Yes, they are available in the better beer stores in the Baltimore area.

              4. The Heavy Seas Loose Cannon is my favorite IPA. It's delicious.