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Feb 20, 2010 05:21 PM

suggestions for an uptown birthday dinner

so I've been living on these boards for the last few months after moving the beautiful new orleans, and would like to thank all the posters for so many great restaurant recommendations and tips on places I would've otherwise never found! This post however is requesting some special help. I'm a student with a culinary mind and some money to blow on a Birthday dinner for four. I was considering Gautreau's or Clancy's. I really like the idea of somewhere intimate and off the beaten path. Any suggestions/ reviews?

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  1. as the weather improves, the courtyard of Martinique Bistro is lovely and the food is very good.
    for off the beaten path and intimate, try Ciro's Cote Sud or Bistro Daisy.
    I would never turn down an offer to go to Clancy's, but ask for a table just off the bar area if you want something more intimate.
    there is a corner booth/table at Lilette that is great for a bday dinner.
    and if you really want privacy, ask for the Living Room at Sara's at the Riverbend. you ist at low table and on pillows.

    1. I have never been to Gautreau's and have only been to Clancy's once, so can't really comment much on those (Clancy's was too stuffy for me, with stand off-ish wait service. Nothing like what others on this board have experienced).

      I think One fits the bill. Certainly intimate because it's so small, and the lighting is great. The food is outstanding and the drinks are top notch. It is easily my favorite splurge dinner uptown, with Mat & Naddie's a very close second. Nonetheless, if by any chance you are going on a nice weather Monday - go to M&N. They have an adorable patio and great band.

      At either place, get the oysters. At One get the onetini, gnocchi, trout entree, and the flourless chocolate cake. That cake is to die for if you are a chocolate lover.

      Oh and don't forget to tell them it's a special occasion when making the reservation.

      Happy Birthday! Don't forget to report back.

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          1. I think Aaron Burgau is really emerging as one of the City's best chef's and I love what he has going at Patois. If not for your birthday then soon anyway. But I think Patois is reasonably affordable anytime, so if you are really in the mood to splurge then I think Le Foret is probably the place to go right now for an over the top experience.

            1. Thanks for the great responses! My dad actually surprised me with reservations at August with the intent of trying the degustation menu.

              Another birthday surprise from the family, is a visit from my younger sister for the weekend. So, i think we'll be able to enjoy some of your recommendations then. I was thinking Mat and Naddie's for lunch Saturday and Patois for brunch on Sunday!