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Feb 20, 2010 05:06 PM

Taqueria Alameda - Westland, MI

Sure we have mentioned this place in a few threads....but GOSH DARN IT......this place deserves a lot of attention.

It is just a tiny place in a small strip mall packed between a Tax Prep place and a laundromat. I had passed it over for a long time after some bad Westland Mexican food experiences (Yes I am thinking about you Mexi-go). I don't recall what finally tipped me into going in...but I can hit myself for not going in sooner. Stupid Stupid ME!

For Taco's they have Suadero (Grilled Steak), Carne Molida (Ground Beef), Al Pastor (Marinated Pork), Campechano (Mixture of meats), Carnitas (Deep Fried Pork), Chorizo (sausage), Lengua (Beef Tongee), Pollo (Grilled Chicken), Cabeza (Beef Head), Barbacoa (lamb), and Chorizo with Huevo's (Sausage and Eggs). They have different sized Corn Tortilla's you can get it with and they are served traditional style with Onion and Cilantro. Now just having these various meats is not enough...the real question is how are they seasoned. I have eaten more Mexican food all around Detroit and can say with out a doubt that this is the place that is doing it the best (at least for the places I have visited, I still have a few to hit up). They are leagues ahead of everyone else in my opinion in this area.

They also serve a wide variety of Burrito's, Fajita's and Torta's...

For Soups...We get Menudo O Pancita, Pozole, Caldo De Camaron, Mole De Olla, Consome De Barbacoa, Barbacoa and Barbacoa Familiar. So far what I have tried has been delicious.

Then they have the Especialities! Sopes, Huaraches, Tostadas, Quesadilla's (Both Flour or Corn), and Gorditas. Here we have different meat fillings...Chicharon Prensado (More or less Pork Cracklins Hash), Tinga Del Pollo (Chipolte Chicken), Picadillo (Ground Beef), Papa (Potatoes), Queso (Cheese), Hongos Mushrooms), Papa con Chorizo (Sausage and Potatoes), Huitlacache (Black Corn), and Nopales (Cactus).

Lastly I report on the Tamale, These are all Hand Made Tamales....
Cerdo (Pork), Res (Beef), Pollo (Chicken), Jalapeno, and also a Queso y Dulce (Cheese and Sweet).

I have dropped into this place now maybe 8-10 times and I keep ordering from all over the menu....and each time I walk away more impressed. Tonight I got a bottle of Mexican Coke, The Chicharon Quesadilla's (Basically a Pork Cracklins Hash in there!) and about a dozen tamales to go. If you are ever in the area (not to far out of the way if you are going to be at Metro Airport) yourself the favor. Stop in...pop into a seat...and order.

906 S Wayne Road
Westland, MI 48185
M-Sat 11am to 10pm
Sunday 11am to 9pm

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  1. Thank you Sir. I'm convinced and will check it out soon, even though it is a drive. While your review seemed detailed and comprehensive, I remain curious as to whether I'll also be able to obtain my requisite Cuervo shots and jalapeno poppers. ;-)

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    1. re: vtombrown

      Sadly no....I pretty much do take out from here....I live maybe 1.5 miles beer at home!

      I would love for this place to be able to step up to a liquor license....but with its current locations way in hell.

      As for poppers...I can point to a few neighborhood watering holes that may have them :)

      Trying to think of a bar you could bring food into in the area but coming up short.

      1. re: JanPrimus

        That's okay. I'll be plenty happy to just get some authentic Mexican food. By the way, weren't you the guy who first mentioned finding that Lazybones delivers to Dragonmead Brewery? That is a top notch combo! Although, the Lazybones people have long since become mighty weary from dealing with drunk, confused phone customers.

        1. re: vtombrown

          Delivered....I don't know about all that, but you can pick it up and take it over to DM. :)

          Edit: See below I was wrong....they do deliver!

          1. re: JanPrimus

            ::coughs, looking for credit where it's due::


            1. re: boagman

              I mentioned it back in Oct 2008! :)
              Where is your mention Mister? hahaha

              And now looking at the Lazybones Website....they do deliver.
              I always just stopped in first to get it.

              1. re: JanPrimus

                Dude! I mentioned it back in, like, 1973! I'm just that good! ;)

                1. re: boagman

                  BBQ was not even invented till 1995!

                  Oh god have you been drinking too?

                  1. re: JanPrimus

                    Only to excess! (Still a great off-the-cuff joke from Alan Alda's Hawkeye)

                    Hey, be sure you check out my comments on Neehee's in the other thread. Thanks again.

                    1. re: boagman

                      I did sir! Very nice!

                      Tomorrow I am going to wake up and wish all of this never happened. Drunken Chow Postings most of the time are very regrettable. Like the time where I challenged Miller's Bar fans to tell me what the hell is so special about the burgers. Yes I am one of the few that don't pray at the alter of Millers.

                      1. re: JanPrimus

                        Well, when they're on, they're on. The last time I was there, I was distinctly disappointed in the burger I received. I still ate it, but there was no magic in that burger the way I've had them in the past. I wonder if they're slipping a bit.

                        1. re: boagman

                          I have been three times and each is sadder than the last....

                          FWIW I measure my burgers against the "Thurman Burger" from Columbus.


                          I used to be a regular there back when I hunted Buckeye women.....

                          1. re: JanPrimus

                            Really? *That's* your measuring stick, JP? I gotta tell ya...that thing looks absolutely disgusting. And I don't mean that in some "street thug parlance" if there is such a thing for the word "disgusting", like "phat" or "stoopid". No, that just looks awful. Ham? On a burger?

                            I fully admit that I tend to like my burgers simple, but those videos just made me kind of wince. Yuck.

                            1. re: boagman

                              Funny that this should come up here ... the taquería serves something called a Torta Rusa, a Russian Sandwich. It has beef and ham on it. I haven't worked up the nerve to try it. Nor do I know why Mexicans think of it as Russian. But who knows, maybe it's good.

                              1. re: Jim M

                                I should note that, for all intents and purposes, ham is probably my least favorite typical pork product. Please don't start asking about "pork brains" or their eyes or feet (yes, I know they exist and are, apparently edible)...that's not stuff that I'd consider food, quite frankly. Ham certainly qualifies, and while there have been occasional exceptions in the past (certain Honeybaked hams have been like candy to me), ham is just sort of there, most times. It's okay, but certainly nothing I'd want on my burger.

                              2. re: boagman

                                All I can say is "Don't knock it till ya try it!"....

                                If I wanted a simple burger....I would fire up my own grill.

                                I know there is more than one school of burger...but even in the "simple" category....Miller's does not really do it for me.

                                1. re: JanPrimus

                                  Oh, I'm not knocking it! I'm just saying that it's not for me, that's all. Oddly, the simple burger is something that often tastes quite different on my own grill than it does from restaurants. Yeah, I know that it's typical, but burgers are even more so. Don't understand it, myself, but I like both mine and outside versions. They're just very different from each other.

                2. re: boagman

                  Ooops. Pardon the oversight, Boagman. I didn't have time to conduct proper research (as my wife was calling, "what the hell are you doing on the internet?") And, thanks again....

                  1. re: vtombrown

                    S'alright, VTB. There's some controversy over who actually made that recommendation first, so I may have posted out of turn. Totally worth it though. Glad you liked the combination.

        2. Have been to this place several times and can second this all the way. BTW, the last time I was there they suggested when I was paying that I try the mamey smoothie. (I usually have one of the more common ones.) That's an unusual item for this area, so next time I'm going to go for it!

          1. Okay JanPrimus, On Sunday, after I put the kid in the carseat and finished loading the groceries from Whole Foods Troy into the trunk, I look and see that he has suddenly fallen asleep. Since the wife was at religious study, I figured why not pass the time by driving to Westland... rather than driving home and risk waking up the kid trying to get him out of the carseat and into bed to finish his nap? Off to Taqueria Alameda.

            Anyway, I got three tacos and I bought some mole negra paste (La Soledad brand, which I'm hoping is better than Dona Maria and the other crap sold by Meijer). The tacos were two Carnitas and one Al Pastor. Wow, were they good! Very simple, but that is what made them so nice--particularly the tortillas (not sure how the heck they did those). I have to admit that the cook did not put a lot of effort into the Carnitas. Maybe she just shallow fried a couple lean pork steaks, diced them and then kept them in a hot covered baking pan to soften. The point is that the meat didn't ruin the otherwise perfect taco. The Al Pastor meat much more held its own. The hotter sauce is a requirement. Yes, I would be hard pressed to find a better taco in town.

            Some people will be apprehensive, given that this is really just a little Qwickie Mart that happens to prepare food in the back room, using a propane burner, a second hand residential refrigerator, a bathroom sink and a card table. I guess they capture the true essence of a taqueria. Gosh, the owner (cook's husband) is a really nice guy.

            Lastly, my original order was for lamb Barbacoa, but despite the fact that he says he always makes big batches on Sundays, he ALREADY was sold out by the time I got there (3:45pm?). Guess I'll have to seize a future opportunity to go back. Thanks for making the afternoon really interesting. You would have been proud at how voraciously I scarfed down them tacos.
            PS--I don't want to sound dumb, but have you tried the place just northwest of there on Ford Rd named "Enchilada Hut?" Someone told me it was good. I wasn't inclined to believe her, but she was Hispanic and she had tattoos, so maybe it's worth a try.

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            1. re: vtombrown

              I went to the Enchilada Hut once....just once.

              1. re: JanPrimus

                My wife and I go to Enchilada Hut on a regular basis. It's fair, but the classic guacamole is fantastic. Honestly, we go just for the guacamole. They deliver to a wide radius, too.

                Enchilada Hut
                37628 Ford Rd, Westland, MI 48185

                1. re: zeussa

                  Maybe I need to make you some Guacamole......I would pit mine against any in the nation as long as I had good produce. :)

              2. re: vtombrown

                The tortillas are el milagro brand lol.

              3. I stopped in today and had 3 Al Pastor tacos. Amazingly fantastic tacos. I agree that the meat is wonderfully seasoned, and the tacos had quite a lot of meat on them. I will be back very soon!

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                1. re: yorbacus

                  Also try the tinga de pollo, spiced chicken. Superb. I've had it on tostadas.

                  1. re: Jim M

                    Even better are the cabeza and chicharron!

                    1. re: Jim M

                      OK this is not really related to the Restaurant...but if you like will love this recipe.


                      Real Deal Holyfield Punch you in the face Mexican. I changed the recipe up to my taste but still....yum. I used Belly instead of shoulder, a wee bit more garlic and use one cup each of tomatoes and chopped onions.

                  2. Had my first Alameda experience...

                    and holy cow that was one tasty meal.

                    Attempted to order the Barbacoa, but, of course they were out. My date had the Huaraches with steak and chicken. I ended up with the chicharones quesadilla, tacos al pastor and lengua.

                    We eat a lot of tongue in Vietnamese cuisine (at least it seems like it), and this had to be one of my top three lengua experiences. Soft, tender, super flavorful. WOW that was one really, really, really good taco. Equally on par with ANYTHING I've had in LA.

                    The Al Pastor was good, but not espectacular. What I really liked about it were the chunks of pineapple inside. I'm not sure if that's authentic and if he's using it for flavor or tenderizer, but it works. Just enough kick to it. I actually still prefer the al pastor at El Barzon but its still solid here.

                    The quesadilla was just rediculously good. Heaping amounts of soft, gooey cheese. The quesadilla was overflowing with some super tasty pork meat. OMG that thing was good. Not too salty, but very flavorful. its an absolute MUST TRY.

                    the Huaraches were interesting. long, oval shaped tortillas that were stuffed with I think refried beans? On top was meat, lettuce, onions, and cheese. While good, I think there's much more interesting things on the menu to try.

                    Washed it all down with a large horchata. Its a milky white drink that's made from rice with hints of cinnamon. Very refreshing and tasty.

                    overall, huge thumbs up. Can't wait to come back.


                    p.s. super nice owners. Try chatting them up if they don't look too busy.

                    El Barzon
                    3710 Junction St, Detroit, MI 48210

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                      1. re: donbui82

                        Again, though...this seems to be one of the prevalent things with Mexican cuisine: cheese is everywhere (as well as refried beans). That's fine if you like (or love) such things, but as a disliker of such things, it doesn't really call to me.

                        Question: what is "lengua"?

                        1. re: boagman

                          No No No.....Get the Taco's and avoid the cheese and beans. Aron....there is a lot hear that is missing both.

                          Lengua is cow tongue by the way. I noticed you called yesterday.....any thing good?

                          No No's
                          PO Box 322, Newburg, WI 53060

                          1. re: JanPrimus

                            Nothing that can't be solved by dropping my laptop in a vat of smelting steel. Can you call me later with a bit of advice on *possibly* getting my laptop's hardware issues resolved? Thanks!

                          2. re: boagman

                            That's a quality of Tex Mex cuisine, not real Mexican cooking. Huge, gloopy mounds of cheese aren't usually found in taquerias. Unless, of course, they're catering to gringos. The lengua here is absolutely top notch. Very tender ( I hate when places cook it too long and it gets all tough and rubbery)