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Feb 20, 2010 04:50 PM

Hercules: Coming (soon) Market Hall, upscale, mobile food vendors

I keep forgetting to mention this article in the Contra Costa Times

"Market Hall will house gourmet food vendors in a central, steel structure surrounded by shops, a park, bocce courts and a fire pit; it will be open from early morning to 10 p.m., "

Does anyone have any more info on this like proposed vendors? It may open May 1st.

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  1. Would this be near the little strip mall that contains a small Wamu/Chase branch, a small local deli and a pizza place? Just up San Pablo Ave from downtown Pinole?

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    1. re: chocolatetartguy

      Yes. It is going to be in the old parking lot for the transit/bus center which just moved to the East of the Freeway. The building is going up now. I am curious where the "shops, a park, bocce courts and a fire pit" are going as they haven't done anything to the rest of the parking lot.

    2. On the Market Hall web site: it has a link called "What's Cooking" which is a calendar that shows which food vendors are going to be there on what days. Progress is moving quickly on the project. I drove by last week and the bocce ball court and children's tot lot is under construction right now. This place is going to be really cool. Can't wait. Looks like they are going to have other soft goods retailers as well. What a great concept!

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      1. re: gourmetfoodguy

        That actually sounds reasonably well planned. Bocce, street grub, a cold one, a place for kids to play, nice combo.