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Feb 20, 2010 02:47 PM

La Taquiza Shout-out

Just dropped into La Taquiza, located in one of the many endless plazas that ring the cavernous and soul-deadening Vaughn Mills mall. What a warm, friendly little place with everything made fresh on site. Quesadillas were soft and flavourful, and the marinated pork soft taco was fresh and excellent. Little salsa bar with everything made right there, sorted according to heat. Need to go back and test the rest of the menu. Its Mexican, and the food is very close to the most authentic Latin American cuisines in the entire world - those little kiosks at 9 Milvan.

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  1. That is so funny... we went there last night and thought it was awful.
    Started off with the cactus salad which looked like it came out of a pre-packaged bag.
    Tried the Tinga tostadas which would have been good if they didn't cover it with a huge pile of cheap iceberg lettuce. The chicken was tasty though.
    The salsas were ok, but nothing special... the hot salsa was tasty... but not hot at all... had to mix it with the chemical heat from the "very hot" (roja) salsa.
    We really felt ripped off at the end of the meal, having to pay $26 pp for a meal that looked and tasted like Taco Bell. Not going back.

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      I agree. The food is really not much better than Taco Bell. Once was enough for me.

      1. re: shekamoo

        Most people on another forum seem unimpressed with it as well

    2. I personally enjoy La Taquiza very much in all it's honesty, the restaurant decor all originally from Mexico, owned by Mexicans and cooked by Mexicans. My only complaint is the small menu and I always pick and choose the same several items. I enjoy simply just a snack of their thick cut tortilla chips and the various salsas. If you want heat ask for the hot Habanero sauce from the kitchen, otherwise the mix of salsas on offer are excellent and with those salsas, please notice sliced jalapena and lime slices! Enjoy!!