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Feb 20, 2010 02:35 PM

72nd Bar + Grill - Sunset

After reading about this place opening this week, I decided to give them a shot. I arrived at 2:15 PM today (Saturday) only to be turned away at the door with the explanation that "lunch service" had finished. Unpleasantly surprised, I left and walked the 3 blocks to Town (whose menu they've practically xeroxed) and enjoyed a fine lunch. It's astounding that supposed "experienced restaurateurs" could be so clueless on service. It's just common sense to try and keep clients walking through your door, and if you can't accommodate them for some reason (though the restaurant was half empty) at least be forthright. Anyway, I'd recommend staying away till they get their act together (or at least correct their website which says "Open All Day"), and even then I doubt I'll give them a second chance.

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  1. We were there Saturday and were pleasantly surprised. I order the appetizer Peruvian ceviche. Very delicate with choclo and a divine sweet potato along with the traditional red onions. It had shrimp and octopus. For a main I ordered the Spinach alfredo. Loved it. The menu says it has a poached farm egg. If it was there it did not make its presence known but I found the sauce light and the fresh baby spinach excellent. The pasta was traditional egg pasta and perfectly cooked al dente. My husband ordered the Pulpo al olivo which was appetizer size octopus with a a kalamata sauce. The brown sauce was not all that appetizing and the sauce was Kalamata and somewhat overwhelming for DH. However, the octopus was expertly cooked. He also ordered the appetizer size seared scallops with leek confit and pulled short ribs. This was very good. Again the scallops were expertly cooked. The dessert was heaven. We ordered the Key Lime panna cotta with blueberry sauce. Divine. There is nothing like any of what we ordered at Town down the road. I find the menus to be completely different. This restaurant's food is superior to Town. The service was knowledgeable and attentive. The decor is very modern and bright which I personally like but it is a bit loud. They have a full bar which we prefer. Overall I was very happy with this place.

    1. Was there two weeks ago for dinner on a Wednesday night and enjoyed the food. The problem was the noise. Because the bar runs along the side of the restaurant there wasn't a place to sit where we didn't get bar noise. and there were several large parties throughout the place that added to the noise level. Would like to try more from the menu but it was hard to enjoy.

      1. We have been there twice in the past few months with some mixed results. Menu is extensive and a number of interesting dishes from ceviche to lamb burgers. Most of the dishes I have had have been quite good. One dish epitomizes the problem. The fried calamari appetizer with accompnaying green sauce was cooked perfectly and brought to the table hot. However, the rings themsleves ( no tentacles, my favorite part) were really of mediocre quality. Salmon tartar excellent, but my drink came in a dirty glass and it required two visits to the bar to get it right...the first time the same dirty glass was returned to me. It is noisy and lively...not bad in itself, but be warned. I really wanted to like it because of the generally good food and generally good service, but the misses really lower the force of the hits.