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Feb 20, 2010 02:30 PM

Best eats (not fancy) of Southern/Mid New Hampshire

Spending a weekend in Camden, NH coming up and would like some recs. Willing to travel 30-45 minutes for the right place!! Alos, not looking for fancy or expensive....we average about $20 per person when we eat out not including alcohol.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Where is Camden NH? I can't locate it.

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      thats my fault, its actually Campton NH - between Plymouth and Thornton on Rt. 93

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        Sorry joe, that's a little farther north than what I'm familiar with. Maybe lexpatti has some insights in the lakes area.

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          Since you're willing to drive ... Franklin NH has two less-expensive-than-usual places we like. You can get off exit 20 and head south on Rt 3. The first is a little Thai place called Asian Delight that is next to the Opera House in downtown Franklin.

          The second is the Pizza Market. Continue past downtown Franklin until you get to the intersection/light and turn right on Rt 3A for the Pizza Market. It's very casual. Strong points are large sub sandwiches, etc but we like the generous servings of fried clams (you can sub onion rings for french fries) and it seems to be the cheapest place to get fried clams. There's a bar in the back but it always seems quiet. Unfortunately the last time we were there the service was poor. About a week later our son and his family went and said the same thing. We think they had the same ditzy waitress. This place is nothing fancy and the decor is low budget.

          Exit 20 is for the Tilton outlet malls so there's a variety of chains there including the Tilt'n Diner which is part of the Common Man chain. It's always crowded. If you like Thai food or Chinese, there are also two restaurants in the small strip plazas on the west side of Rt 3 in the area of Staples/Shaws.

          Hopefully, someone will offer suggestions in Plymouth which would be much closer for you. It's a college town. There's got to be some place.

      2. hmmm, I spent 5 years in Plymouth but for the life of me can't think of much although if you go into Center HarborMeredith area there's lots.

        Lil Closer to you would be Walter's Basin in Holderness - I'm always pleasantly surprised with their menu and food - and great view of the lake.

        One of my all time favs is the Corner House Inn in Sandwich - they have fanastic food and you can choose from more upscale dining downstairs - to the casual pub upstairs. Calamari is my absolute favorite but they have a very nice menu.