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Feb 20, 2010 02:21 PM

Thai Pastry and other Thai restaurants

Im trying to find a great thai restaurant in the chicago area, it doesn't matter what part though i will be staying in the river north area. I heard a lot of good things about thai pastry and was wondering if any of you have been there. I know of aruns but im trying to go for something a little cheaper than that.

Thanks for the help

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  1. The information and recommendations in the discussion at is still current.

    I've been to Thai Pastry and wasn't overwhelmed; it was decent, but nothing special. I think the other places mentioned in the other discussion are better.

    If you're traveling by el (CTA subway and elevated trains - ) from River North, you can catch the Red Line at Grand and State or Chicago and State and take it northbound. Thai Sookdee is near the Davis stop on the Purple Line (after transferring to the Purple Line at Howard), TAC Quick is near the Sheridan stop on the Red Line, and Spoon Thai is near the Western stop on the Brown Line (after transferring to the Brown Line at Belmont). If you decide to go to Thai Pastry anyway, it's near the Argyle stop on the Red Line. Someone in that other topic recommended Dao, which I haven't been to, but is right in River North, so you should be able to walk there.