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Feb 20, 2010 02:20 PM

Traveling Solo, need some help!

I'll be in Manhattan for the James Beard Awards May 2nd and 3rd, as well as lunch on the 4th. Since i'll be by myself I don't want to do anything such as Adour, Eleven Madison Park, etc. so i'd like to stay within a reasonable budget. I'd love to get some great dim sum and Chinese, brasserie fare, as well as DBGB. This is what I had in mind but i'd love some suggestions!

In no particular order....

Momofuku Ssam
Oriental Garden
Jean George (lunch)
Balthazar or Pastis (both favorites)
Bouchon Bakery (macaroooooons)
Katz Deli (gotta have pastrami...)
Crif Dog/PDT late night
Tailor Bar
Spotted Pig
Papaya King

I love french food, comfort food, and asian cuisine. I frequent NYC but usually its with a group so dining isn't always up to me. I've been to many of the 'big named' restaurant but i'd like to go to places that are more reasonable and fun - especially easy for someone to go by themselves.

All help is appreciated!!

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  1. Unfortunately, Tailor is closed.

    For macarons, I think I prefer La Maison du Chocolat (small selection, high quality), and maybe Madeleine (huge selection and slightly lower quality than La Maison but still pretty good, but a little cold/moist since they keep them in a cold glasscase), over Bouchon's, which I found to be VERY hit or miss.

    Since you're traveling by yourself, are you sure you want to hit up a dim sum place? Also, Manhattan doesn't really have a GREAT dim sum place unless you're OK spending a lot more at Chinatown Brasserie (which some people don't think is worth it, and others don't even think it's any good, although I think it's excellent). CB does offer platters with a variety of items, which is helpful for the solo diner. Oriental Garden's dim sum is good for Manhattan's Chinatown, but not great.

    If you're dead set on GREAT dim sum in NYC, I would advise going to the Outer Boroughs board and researching there.

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      I'm a fan of Madeleine's macarons. Bouchon's macarons are off texture-wise though I do get them time to time because it's so damn convenient. I wasn't crazy about Maison du Chocolat's macarons but then again it could be that every single flavor had chocolate in it and it distracted me.

      I think sushi is excellent for dining solo. Love lunch at Yasuda, affordable and quiet.

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        I agree with sushi being a great choice. In fact, anywhere for bar or kitchen seating dining is great for one person. I like Mario Batali's Casa Mono for kitchen view eating. Get the cock's comb and the sweet bread. Awesome. I like Hasaki's sushi bar in the east village. They really put a nice touch on everything.


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          Bouchon macaroons are definitely somewhat of a love-them-or-don't proposition; I personally love them but have heard others comment like uwsister above, that the texture is off. They are more chewy in the middle than a standard macaroon. I love them because the filling and cookie share the glory; many other places either have a stronger chocolate flavor (ie Maison du Chocolat or Kees,though they are quite good-I'd just rather get the truffles!) or are just sort of muddled (madeleine-which I found good but not great) I would say worthwhile getting to try it out!

      2. For quite good dim sum in a single-diner-friendly setting, I recommend Red Egg. It's the only place I can think of that has a bar (albeit a small one). And the dim sum is half-price at happy hour.


        1. Dim Sum a Go Go - duck dumplings, mushroom dumplings, snow pea leaf dumplings. dumpling soup with shark fin. Perfectly fine for a solo diner, and they serve dim sum in the evening.

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            I'd go before 4, though. It's not worth the price increase for dinner.

          2. Thanks for all of the help!

            I have read that Tailor closed it's dining room but is the bar not still serving? What a shame if not, Freeman is/was a fantastic mixologist and his creations always interested me.

            I'm not dead set on dim sum its just something that I don't get to have where I live. Dim Sum To-Go looks very interesting, I might have to do that just to get a dumpling on the go! I don't plan on spending too much time on lunch since there are many places i'd like to visit on my short trip.

            Since I do have some time during the day being that my only goal is to eat, eat, eat I might just have to try multiple macaroon places :)

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              Tailor has closed and Freeman left Tailor months before that.


              "Dim Sum a Go Go" is not really a to-go/takeaway spot. It's a sit-down, waiter-service restaurant.

            2. Thanks for the links. I've done some more looking around and I have a few things in mind:

              Katz - Pastrami on rye
              DBGB - sausages, and the entire menu
              Bar Boulud - small charcuterie board - I heart charcuterie and don't get to have it EVER
              Momofuku Ssam - pork buns and whatever else
              Doughnut Plant - doughnut on the run. they look so interesting
              Pastis - for breakfast bc I love it
              Jean Georges - $29 lunch? I don't see that being beat
              Le Veau d'Or - Classical French is my hearts desire and this just looks right up my alley. Pricey i'm sure, and most certainly formal - this just looks awesome and iconic

              Other stops:
              Bouchon Bakery - TKO's and macaroons
              Madeiline - madeline's and macaroons
              Maison du Chocolat - macaroons
              Magnolia Bakery - cupcakes
              Grom - gelato (lived above the original in Firenze, Italy - love it)
              Papaya King - hotdog and a shake

              A lot? Sure of course it is. But I live to eat, and I eat to live. I don't go to NYC as much as I used to so I try and "get my moneys worth" when going.

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              1. re: JBurnsPatersonIV

                If you want classic French you should consider La Grenouille. Le Veau d'Or is a bit tired...

                1. re: JBurnsPatersonIV

                  I like DBGB, but on the sausage menu, don't get the merguez; it's better and cheaper at Cafe Mogador, in my opinion. Aside from sausages, I've had excellent crab cakes and good duck there. Also, don't get the ice cream sundae; it was ordinary. Overall, though, I've found DGBG a good experience and a fair value.

                  I am one of the people who hates Magnolia and avoids it like the plague. Have you been there before?

                  Momofuku Ssam Bar is a good place to eat at the bar, and then you can have dessert at Milk Bar next door.

                  1. re: Pan

                    I have been to Magnolia bakery before, but it's been a few years. I was really just going to grab something there the day I leave to bring back something, she loves everything there. I personally love macaroons and madeline's so during my visits to bakeries it will be with the goal of getting the BEST macaroons.

                    DBGB has always looked cool to me, I really love the menu and the look, not to mention for Boulud it looks to be a great value.

                    1. re: JBurnsPatersonIV

                      My daughter and I loved DBGB. I know it's so common, but the DBGB dog was absolutely incredible. Also enjoyed the skate and the Piggy. Out of towners love Magnolia for some reason. There's a new location in Grand Central that may be less busy. And I've never seen the Rockefeller Center location nearly as crowded as Bleeker. Just a suggestion, but if you're taking several home, stop at Duane Reed and get a Gladware container. You can easily fit in half a dozen and it helps them from getting any drier.

                  2. re: JBurnsPatersonIV

                    If your wife has her heart set on Magnolia, their UWS location doesn't have much of a wait, if at all. I pass by all the time and it's not nearly as busy as the one down on Bleeker St. or Midtown. You could also hit up Levain Bakery for the best chocolate chip cookies ever -- Grom also has an UWS location. Would be a nice walk from TWC (where Bouchon Bakery is) and take Central Park West North.

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                      My wife and I were in NYC this past weekend for a way-too-quick visit (translation: not enough meal times), and I had to make a point to visit Momofuku Ssam and the Doughnut Plant during what would be less-traditional eating times for me if I wasn't on vacation.

                      Stoped in at Ssam late Saturday night for cocktails and an order of pork buns. The cocktails were good but nothing to write home about. The pork buns were every bit as great as they're said to be - big chunks of pork belly sandwiched in a steamed bun with thin slices of cucumber and hoisin sauce. The cuke worked nicely to offset the fattyness of the pork belly. I may have to attempt the recipe from the Momofuku cookbook so I can have my fix when not in New York. Would be a good place for solo dining at the bar.

                      We stopped at the Doughnut Plant about 5pm on Saturday, and the line snaked well out the door. Took a good 30 minutes to get inside. Given the wait, we ended up ordering a bunch of doughnuts (after intending to get one each) so we could at least taste a variety. Favorites were the coconut cream-filled, and the passion fruit. Apparently they make all their fillings from scratch, and it shows in the taste. They're great doughnuts, and I'm glad I tried them. But they're still just doughnuts - I probably wouldn't spend 30 minutes in line for one next time.

                      1. re: TOFoodFan

                        Next time visit the Doughnut Plant in early afternoon on a weekday if you can swing it. I've never stood in a line for more than 5 minutes, if any at all. Tres leches cake donuts are my favorite, and I don't even like donuts!

                        OP, don't mean to nitpick but I believe you're looking for macarons, not macaroons. Two different types of cookies. If you're doing any search on the board, that might help you in pulling more results.