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Feb 20, 2010 02:14 PM

21st Birthday celebration for 25...HELP!!!

So my 21st BDay is approaching the first week of April and I have a guest list of 25 people. I would like to dinner and then something afterwards (but not sure what!). For dinner I want to go to a really trendy place but Im a picky eater....any suggestions for a place that serves American or Italian?? Also, some of my friends arent 21 yet so I'm not sure what to do after dinner!!! Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. I guess they could sit out the second half of the evening but I dont want to just go to a bar/club (I dont drink!). So something fun and ATYPICAL that is truly a New York experience would be fabulous! HELP!!!

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  1. Chowhound is just about food and drink.....what is your budget per person for dinner, including tax and tip and beverages?

    1. Sounds like you will like one of BR Guest Restaurants.
      check out
      BWG or ISA or Dos Caminos would fit for your occasion.

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        Also sounds like her birthday is long gone: first week of April.

        Oh, and BR Guest restaurants are ghastly.