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Feb 20, 2010 12:42 PM

Favorite Oakland Korean Restaurant Dishes?

We love Pyung Chang but would like to try some place else tonite.Would love to try a new place with recommendations on what to order.

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  1. Ohgane , marinated pork bulgoki.

    1. There are a bunch of posts about various restaurants' specialties here:

      1. My Korean thesis advisor took us to Pyung Chang Restauranteā€Ž (AKA Pyung Chang Tofu House) 4701 Telegraph Avenue.

        It was the best Korean we have ever had. They specialize in spicy soft tofu stews -- you can have veggies, fish, seafood, meat in them. The fried fish was good also. Strongly recommended. Variety of sides were excellent.

        ... edit: whoops I didn't see that you also find like this place and were looking for another.

        Pyung Chang Tofu House
        4701 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

        1. Another vote for Ohgane strictly for a dish called Dduk Baegi Bulgogi that is hard to find on restaurant menus (even with all of the Korean restaurants in LA, I know of only one that had this great dish - it's a better version of sukiyaki made with bulgogi - on the menu.

          I went there last Saturday and here's a video of the dish:

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              recently opened Tofu house in castro valley on castro valley blvd. i have been there a few times, gave quite a bit of calm, squid and shrimp in spicy tofu. i was told the chef came from korea recently.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Sweet potato noodles and vegetables such as green onion (lots), brown onion, zucchini, and enoki mushroom. Also, one piece of fish cake.


              2. re: Bon Vivant

                Off topic, but could you mention the location at which the video of Korean Fried Chicken in Albany, CA was taken? Thanks.

                1. re: twocents

                  The description says Ohgane, which is in Oakland.

                  3915 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94611

                  1. re: twocents

                    China Village on Solano.


                    I wasn't at the lunch for this particular write-up but it did inspire me to go since I'm a fried chicken slut. I've been there several times for the special fried chicken and it's always a treat. In the video you see two orders of chicken on the platter.