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Feb 20, 2010 12:41 PM

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt---Where can I find this in MSP?

So far, I'm batting zero. I've looked for this, to no avail, at the Northeast Mpls Lunds, Kowalski's in Saint Paul, and Cub in Saint Paul.

Does anyone know where one can find this product in MSP? I much prefer it to Morton.


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  1. While I am a Morton's Kosher fan, I know this is a food service could just walk into a local establishment and offer to buy a box (D'Amico & Sons uses it for sure). I've done this with other ingredients and found it's often cheaper than buying it retail.

    I'd also check other less-fancy outlets like Rainbow.

      1. Lund's has it. I usually just get Morton's, but Diamond Crystal was the salt used by Thomas Keller in Ad Hoc at Home and the measurements would be off if I used Morton's. I found it at the Highland location, but according to their online delivery (or pick-up) website other locations have it too.

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          Thanks, guys. I got some yesterday at Penzey's. 3 lb box for $2.39.