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May 1, 2005 09:23 PM

Hide Sushi and AL Gelato..THANK YOU!

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Oh my God! I went to both of these places this weekend thanks to all of you. What a food extravaganza! We LOVED both places for different reasons. Here's what we got:
Al Gelato: Tuna Salad Plate...WOW..never tasted tuna like this! And the bread they serve is to die for!
Also got beef ravioli...DELICIOUS! We got the following to die for flavors of gelato to take home: COFFE CRUNCH..unbelievable! Cappucino...WOW...APPLE...the best I've ever had, and STRAWBERRY ICE. THANK YOU, THAN YOU, THANK YOU!

Hide Sushi: We got there at 5, so no wait. The spicy tuna is INCREDIBLE, as is yellowtail with scallion roll. Loved the Tempura as well as the special California roll. Cheap as can be for great sushi too! %0 dollars for two, and we ate ourselves silly. This is my new favorite place.
Thanks to Chowhound for an incredible weekend with 2 new faves!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Al G's! Where's Hide Sushi???

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      Hide Sushi, 2040 Sawtelle Blvd., West LA (310) 477-7242

    2. Hide is on Sawtelle, just north of Olympic. It's cah only, and opens at 11:30 am. Closed Mondays, I think.

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        yay! two great places!

        wasn't the TUNA awesome? it's so weirdly delicious that it's sweet. not sure what they put in it. next time you go to AL GELATO, try the EGG SALAD, too. (we usually get both the TUNA and EGG salad plates - haha!).

        1. I have fond memories of Hide when I lived in LA and was a poor intern. For basic, good value sushi, we'd go to Hide on the westside and Sushi Gen on the eastside. At Hide, two of us could leave content for $25 and stuffed to the gills for $40. It's nice when you don't have to wait, but I liked the energy more when it was crowded and we sat at the bar. The chefs there are warm and efficient.

          Their spicy tuna roll is indeed tasty. If you want to try something a little different next time, we really liked their scallop special and monkfish liver nigiri. The scallop is mixed w/ this velvety, tangy mayo concoction and the monkfish liver was ethereal for my first try at this.

          You should try Sushi Gen in Little Tokyo (in Honda Plaza on corner of 2nd and Alameda) if you haven't already. More selection, fresh fish, better ambience, and they accept credit cards!

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            I have to second the suggestion. Good spicy tuna though they may have, next time go for straight-up sushi and you'll see the best Hide has to offer. The monkfish liver is indeed great, but even if you aren't quite that adventurous, try the squid, the eel, the salmon, the sweet shrimp...seriously, you'll love it. I usually recommend that people skip octopus sushi here--it tends to be a little mealy--but my last few visits has seen improvement here, too.


          2. I've eaten at both Hide and Al Gelato recently on the recommendations of Chowhound.

            Good fish, not the best I've ever had (certainly not Kiriko quality, let's say), but a good value nonetheless. The chirashi (a bowl of 6 slabs of fish, including salmon, tuna and octopus, topping shredded egg and nori over rice) is probably one of best lunch deals on the westside at only $10. I thought their tamago was especially tasty. Unagi was a disappointment. Would return again, if only for the chirashi deal.

            Al Gelato:
            I went because of the various raves on the board. First of all, the much-touted red sauce left me puzzled. Why are there so many 'hounds who are a fan of this sauce? It was overly sweet and not very nuanced; just a simple, bland red sauce topping rigatoni that was overcooked and mushy. I was very disappointed. My friends ordered pizza, which was too cheesy, doughy and underdone, and tasted not much different from something I could get at CPK.

            I had high hopes for the gelato, but even that was a disappointment. I tasted the pumpkin, creme brulee, and lemon vanilla. The creme brulee tasted "off," like it was too watery or smokey, if that makes any sense. The lemon vanilla tasted like it had too much air whipped into it. The pumpkin was delicious, but had the oddest gummy texture - I would lift my spoon to my mouth but see trails of gelato waving around in the air, like little wayward arms. Eating the pumpkin gelato was a similarly strange experience, as I had to literally chew my way through the gummy gelato. After having eaten my way through the best gelaterias in Florence and Rome, I don't think I could ever consider Al Gelato's "gelato" to be real gelato. I'm disappointed - I had high hopes for finding a nice neighborhood place, but I think I'll just have to keep looking around for a local authentic Italian joint.

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            1. re: Chestnut

              Agree wholeheartedly. Al Gelato is on par with Cheesecake factory IMO. Hide, used to be fine but has gone downhill from there over the past few years.