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Feb 20, 2010 12:08 PM

What can I do with this bag of Juniper Berries, besides garnishing G&T's?

Now that I've used 5 of them in a venison recipe, what can I do with the rest of the bag? I tried crushing one up in oatmeal but it was way too overpowering... any other ideas?

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  1. I bought them because many sauerbraten recipes call for it ( I'm happy with my own but I never stop trying to tweak it). I've seen gourmet braises of game meat calling for it, hopefully you didn't buy too many. Maybe if you add them to vodka, it will turn into gin?

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      This isn't helpful at all (sorry) but when I made sauerbraten I subbed a splash of good gin for the berries. I can't say if it really replicated the original flavour, but it was pretty good. Mostly I'd just rather have extra gin than juniper berries!

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        That's what I usually do too, I keep a bottle around just for cooking and guests, but I saw a bottle of juniper berries at the supermarket and I was just in one of those moods to splurge. Haven't opened it yet though.

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        Second for the sauerbraten. Alton Brown's recipe is excellent.

        That recipe makes a *lot* of marinade. I deal with it by doing two roasts at the same time. I do my marinating in vacuum sealed bags that keep each roast well surrounded by the liquid. One goes in the oven; the other one goes in the freezer. I haven't found the frozen one to be either too strong in flavor or too mushy in texture. Each roast has enough liquid for a generous amount of gravy.

        The gravy, BTW, is absolutely delicious. I put generous tablespoon or two of sour cream in along with the gingersnap crumbs.

      3. Juniper berries are often added to braised red cabbage. Just a few though - 5 or 10.

        1. I poach a lot of fish in dry white wine with crushed garlic, whole peppercorns, a bay leaf and a small handful of whole juniper berries. The fish comes out wonderfully every time (as long as I don't overcook it).

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            I like to use them in lentil or bean soups. or in a saurkraut and keilbasa dish.

          2. Soup. Cabbage. Mushrooms. Braised or stewed pork (especially w/cabbage). Things cooked in beer. Duck/pheasant/quail. Look up Scandinavian recipes. Scandinavian food is lousy with juniper berries.

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              Does "Scandinavian food is lousy with juniper berries" imply the cuisine makes use of them in a many dishes, or is it a recommendation to avoid it entirely?

              I put a couple of them in my pumpkin pie spice mix, just a half a gram.

            2. In a red wine marinade for game (boar, venison) or other strong flavored meat. Splash of olive oil, some crushed berries, a bay leaf, some pepper and wine. A reduction of wine, stock and berries makes a nice sauce for duck or pork.