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LA Build-A-Six-Pack?

Anyone have suggestions of somewhere I can do a build your own six pack?

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  1. Six pack of what? Beer?

    Any of L.A.'s better beer/wine/liquor stores will allow you to buy singles of almost any beer on the shelf. Try Beverage Warehouse in Marina Del Rey for a start...


    1. Morry's of Naples in Long Beach


      1. Wine and more, they have the largest selection of singles I have ever seen.

        1. Trader Joe's allows you to buy singles. We did a beer taste off not too long ago doing this.

          1. Most places allow this. A few more that I've found very good selections:



            The Wine House

            K & L

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              2nd the Wally's (for Westside), & The Beverage Warehouse, though it does bother me that their refrigerated beer section is so small with very average-ish selection. Huge non-refrigerated section though.

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                Bristol Farms has a decent refrigerated selection. Whole Foods has a very good refrigerated selection depending on the size of the store and the neighborhood. I haven't scanned the Venice store's selection lately, but I know at least one of the guys who works the beers is a total beer-head and is very customer-oriented (unlike much of the crew on the floor).

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                  Bristol Farms is fine with singles (Sunset location, at least).

                  Whole Foods does sell singles, but the two times I've tried, it's required the intervention of senior staff at check-out. Also, the per-bottle cost was about 1/3 of the price of the six-pack, if I remember correctly.

                  Vendome is fine with singles, and has a huge selection, but isn't the cheapest place in town. They have several locations:

                  - Studio City: http://www.vin-dome.com/
                  - Toluca Lake: http://www.vendometolucalake.com/
                  - Beverley Hills: http://www.vendomebeverlyhills.com/

                  NB: I've been to the Studio City location only.

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                    That is great to know about WF. Usually the singles at BF and WF are a lot larger than the 12oz standard bottles & I tend to pass them up since I'm pretty much the beer drinker in the household and those huge bottles are a bit much for me for one meal....


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                      Dommy, I'll be curious to hear how it goes for you at WF. Mind, my experience buying 12oz singles is limited to the two Pasadena WFs.

                      I agree about the large bottles. Fortunately for me, Pliny the Elder comes in a _slightly_ more reasonable size than beers from Port and Bear Republic.

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                      Sorry to hear about the issues at your WF - I'm not surprised though. As much as I like the convenience of finding so many choices in their refrigerated section, WF is by far the least favorite place for me to shop just because their customer service issues in general. And as for their prices, I think there's no arguing there at all.

              2. You can build your own six pack by buying individual bottles at most decent places that sell beer. Whether they'll give you a discount for buying six depends on the store. Unless you're a serious beer connoisseur searching for difficult-to-find beers, Whole Foods and Beverages & More have excellent selections and you may as well shop at them if they're convenient. In fact, I first bought the beer that really got me into beer -- the now legendary Westvleteren 12 -- at a Whole Foods in Berkeley.

                If you are said serious beer connoisseur, try Vendome in North Hollywood or Beverage Warehouse in Marina del Rey.

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                  Aventinus, do you know whether Westvleteren 12 can be found anywhere at all in SoCal . . . or NorCal, for that matter? I've only ever had it in Amsterdam (and still have _the_ bottle cap!).

                2. Just wanted to update on places that let you build a six in LA after some striking out. The BevMo on Santa Monica and La Brea doesn't carry singles at all, and seemed pretty unhelpful about beer in general. Beverage Warehouse doesn't do build a six either; an employee grumbled something about how their computer isn't ready for it, whatever that means.
                  Wally's, on the other hand, is exclusively singles (if you buy six of one, you get 10% off). The selection isn't huge, although Graham the beer guy told me they're in the process of expanding, but it's really high quality. The employees as far as I could tell all knew a lot about beer too and helped me make some good picks. I came home with 12 singles, now it's time for a tasting party!

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                  1. The place to go is the Soda Pop Stop at Galgos Market on York. Not only are they well know for their large selection of all kinds of soda, but they have a huge selection of bottled beers that you can buy individually. I am sure that you are going to find what you want. Also, they are very friendly and helpful. Let us know how you like it. Additionally there a couple of taco trucks nearby that you might want to try.


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                      YES!! We have a case of beers from Galco in the back fridge, with one each of twelve different kinds, and had we more money and more room we could have filled a a couple more. As it is, we got about that much wonderful soda pop as well. Only downside is that a lot of their customers want to do this, and there's just ONE checkout person who has to do a bottle at a time. So give yourself a strong chill pill and an hour's leeway...