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Feb 20, 2010 11:43 AM

Crystal River, Florida...anyplace we should go?

Howdy, all. Husband and I are going to visit his brother in Crystal River a week from tomorrow. Anybody know a place we could take our host & hostess out to eat? Price not really an issue, but should not require fancy clothes. Brother is allergic to shellfish, so someplace that has some landlubber entrees would be good. Thanks!

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  1. I travel through there a lot on the way to Tampa & usually eat lunch in CR so take these recs. with that in mind. Thai Phoon has good tahi for central FL. Cody's - Ok food but service with a snarl. Charlies Fish House fresh seafood (local?) usually fried. Friends like the Rusty Duck in Lecanto - but have never eaten there. Good luck.

    1. I can second the Rusty Duck but i think its under new owners. Its BYOB so if you want wine bring your own

      1. We have not been up Crystal River way in a while, but we've been to Vintage on Fifth a few times. My husband really enjoyed the scallops, and I loved the lamb chops. Casual environment with great food and friendly service.