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Feb 20, 2010 11:10 AM

Best Pho in Providence area?

Hello All.

I've been in the mood for Pho recently. What is the consensus for best Pho in Providence?

My favorite at the moment is Pho Paradise on Broad St. I tried Pho Horns last weekend and while good I wasn't as wow'ed as everyone seems to be...I thought the broth was a bit sweet.

Any other recommendations??


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  1. Pho Horns is probably the best you will find in this area, which for us is barely ok. You will have to leave the area to find good Pho.

    1. Wasn't crazy about Pho Paradise. The tripe was a bit too chewy for my taste.

      Favorite so far is Hon's House of Noodle Soup. The curry chicken soup is outstanding as well.

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        Haven't been to Hon's in years....I'll have to give them another shot!