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Feb 20, 2010 10:36 AM

Santi re-opening in Santa Rosa this spring - when?

I was heartbroken to learn that Santi was closing their doors in Geyserville - I had a wonderful, memorable meal there several years ago and was looking forward to a return visit this spring during a forthcoming getaway in Sonoma. I know they're slated to re-open (open anew?) in Santa Rosa this spring - does anyone know, more or less, exactly when? Or have other suggestions for outstanding Italian food in the area?

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  1. Per their FB page it doesn't seem like it's gotten any more specific than "Early 2010." If you join their page I'm sure it will inform you when they plan on reopening.

    1. I had a question about catering and they said they might be open in April.

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        When I had lunch at Santi in December, the owner was saying he hoped to open in March. But we know that no one opens on schedule, so April seems like it might be the earliest.

        2097 Stagecoach Road, Suite 100, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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          That would be amazing- we'll be in Sonoma April 29-May 2 and hopefully that's end enough-ish of April to allow them to open! I've sent them an email, too, asking for specifics but haven't yet heard back. Thanks for the update.

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            This was from an email February 4th. They also said they would know more about their capabilities then.

        2. The owners just ran an ad the other day on CraigsList for staff, saying training would begin the first week of April.

          They say the location is in the "Fountaingrove neighborhood". I believe they'll be in the new "mini mall" on Stagegulch where Traverso's moved to.

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            I actually emailed the owner/proprietor (if it wasn't such a memorable meal last time around, I wouldn't jump through such hoops, but...) who responded that they're slated to open April 15th (ish) and will be back on open table a few weeks in advance. Fingers crossed....

            Wonder why they opted out of Geyserville?