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Feb 20, 2010 10:19 AM

Old Cooking Show - moved from Site Talk

There was a cooking show back in the 80's on PBS I used to watch as a kid. He was a English Accent Man with salt and Pepper hair, wore glasses and suspenders and would cook some dishes and would sit down at the end of the show and drink some wine and taste the food and add up the calories from the dishes he cooked. I remember in the cooking show seeing a Butler like statue. Can someone help me?

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    1. re: lokidog5150

      Could be. I been looking at him. I do remember watching him. Been looking at videos of him on internet and nothing of what I am talking about in this particular cooking show.

    2. Later in his career, Kerr certainly did programmes featuring low-calorie versions of classic dishes. I recall it was after he'd had a heart attack or similar. The sitting down and eating was always his trademark. His media career started in New Zealand and, later, in Canada.

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      1. re: Harters

        Indeed, he often had a flip chart with markers where he'd tot-up the calories and fat from his pre-heart attack show's version of a dish and then his new show's version's figures and compare.

      2. Sounds like the Cajun Cooking Chef, Justin Wilson, always had some wind at the end of the show.

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        1. re: dolly52

          Justin Wilson definitely didn't have an English accent. ;-)

        2. Keith Floyd perhaps? He sometimes wore glasses and suspenders and was always drinking wine.