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Feb 20, 2010 10:15 AM

In search of Calamansi

I'm looking for calamansi fruit or the juice. Have you seen them in asian supermarkets in the boston area? Are they seasonal? thanks in advance.

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  1. My friend buys the little packets of frozen juice. I'm pretty sure that she got them at Sure Pinoy Market in Quincy

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      I've gotten the juice there too.

    2. Hongkong Market (formerly Super 88) in Malden and HMart in Burlington carry calamansi juice in the little packets that gimlis1mum mentioned.

      1. Yes, I've seen the little packages at the Hong Kong market (formerly super 88) in Allston too- though oddly, they seem to have disappeared when I looked on Friday night. Maybe they were moved around, or maybe they sold out. (Incidentally, the frozen and jarred filipino offerings at Hong Kong market are way better than super88 ever was! I think our only need at Sure Pinoy any more is jeprox/danggit, and I suppose their enseymada, but we don't really like the type of enseymada that they carry)

        1. I think you missed the chance for fresh fruit by a bout 1 month.
          They are not legal to import in to the states at this time, but there are some grown in CA and HI. (But you cant bring them from HI either, protecting CA citrus industry from possible disease). They are only grown by a handful of really small growers, more of a West Coast Farmers market item.

          1. hong kong market in malden usually has small cans of calamansi juice available in the beverage aisle. i have also seen frozen calamansi concentrate in the freezer chest at sure pinoy market in quincy