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Feb 20, 2010 10:14 AM

Carnitas at Lupita Tortilleria y Carniceria, Charlotte, NC

You may have read this article in the Observor about this place on North Tryon Street. ( I was intrigued by the article and went there today. What a find! Excellent roast pork, homemade tortillas, homemade hot sauce...seriously, this stuff is fantastic! For only $7.00 you get a pound of carnitas and a pound of corn tortillas. Take out only (its a butcher shop, not a restaurant). The staff is very welcoming...they even gave me a sample to try while I was waiting on line. Check it out!

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  1. Thanks for the info. I saw the article & was planning on dropping by. Sound like a great find!

    1. Stopped by Thursday - This is some of the best you'll find! The staff is fantastic! The tortillas almost didn't make it home before they were all gone.

      They are located just south of where Eastway connects to N. Tryon - definitely worth the trip.

      I stopped in right after lunch but had to buy some given the great sample they served and the friendly atmosphere.

      They do barbaco de rez (braised beef) on the weekends and if you bring your own spill-proof container they will include the braising liquid.

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        B, I went today with the whole family. There was quite a line at 4:00pm. The one gentleman behind the counter noticed we weren't regulars and in English asked us if we'd like to try the carnitas and beef barbacoa first. We declined but he insisted and was very friendly. He brought us out 6 tacos, 3 of each and they were delicious! We ended up going home with 2 lbs of carnitas, 2 lbs of corn tortillas and .5 lb of beef barbacoa. Oh, and a cup of their house made hot sauce which is so good (they had containers). Grand total - $24 bucks. What a bargain!

        1. re: lynnlato

          I stopped by yesterday night for dinner. Picked up 2 lbs of carnitas ($5.50/lb) and 2 lbs of corn tortillas ($1/lb) and one salsa verde and one salsa roja ($2 each). The carnitas were awesome and so were the corn tortillas and salsa verde. Cannot say I loved the salsa roja.

          They were out of barbacoa by the time I made it out there but will swing by again in the future to try it out.

          1. re: asiansatan

            Did they ask you what cuts you preferred for the carnitas? They asked us and we chose a mixture - it had everything in there - so good. We preferred the carnitas over the beef barbacoa, FWIW.

            We really enjoyed the red sauce... and are putting it on everything. :)

      2. So where exactly is this place? I was just getting some stuff at Compare Foods on N. Tryon (including nice avocados for $0.69 vs. $2.50 at Teeter) and thought I'd do a drive-by for future reference. I didn't have the address and couldn't remember the name (I know, I know) but thought it was N, Tryon near Eastway. Is it in the mall there? Or is it a self-standing building? On the east side of Tryon or the west? I probably passed it several times...

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          The address is 5210 N. Tryon St. If you're going away from uptown, its on the right (east side of the street), just before Eastway. In a small strip center with a pawn shop, a tax service and a few other businesses. There's an AutoZone, alos on the right, just before the strip ceneter that houses Lupita.

          1. re: carolinadawg

            OK, got it. I definitely passed it. Can't wait to sample the goods. Thanks, Dawg.

            A friend tells me he's seen a big sign on Independence that says "Carnitas". That's all I know for now but I will do a compare and contrast.

        2. I took the long trek up to Lupita's again yesterday for some beef barbacoa and carnitas. It was so worth the 1.5 hr round trip. I fed 14 people for $33.00 and they all raved about the food. I got 4 lbs of fresh corn tortillas($1/lb), 2 lbs. of carnitas ($6.00/lb), 1 lb of barbacoa ($6.50/lb), fresh salsa verde ($2/1.5 cups), salsa roja ($2), beef barbacoa braising liquid/broth ($2).

          Business must be good because they've added a check-out counter and more items for purchase including several different fresh cheeses (queso fresco, etc), chicarrones. They have a wider selection of glass-bottled sodas and drinks, Mexican candies and Bimbo pastries and they now give you little baskets to tote your items in. Oh, and they gave me a bag of quartered limes too.

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          1. re: lynnlato

            This place sounds phenomenal! I am a NC transplant (originally from Houston, TX) and have been craving some real, authentic Mexican food! I they ever plan on opening a restaurant...??

            1. re: crissy2011

              Crissy, I have no idea, but there business does seem to be growing. Phenomenal is a great word to describe the place. Man, now you have me craving some carnitas. Damn!

              FYI, there is another place that does carnitas and barbacoa that I heard is really good. I'm not sure of the name but they are at the corner of Sharon Amity and Independence. They have a huge sign that says either "carnitas" or "tacos". A friend told me about it recently and said they had some good authentic stuff.

              1. re: lynnlato

                You may be thinking of Carnita Guanajuato. I've only had their food once, I got take out and thought Lupita was better. It was still good and worth a try, though. The one distinct advantage that Guanajuato has is that they are a full restaurant with seating and everything and wider menu.
                NB: I seem to recall having heard that they would have to move sometime soon due to project widening Independence. I'm not sure when that's happening, but a quick google search might be in order before heading out there. From what I understood the owner was fully expecting to be able to open up shop elsewhere in Charlotte near Independence.

                1. re: ehoenes

                  Carnitas Guanajuato's new address is:
                  5534 Albemarle rd.
                  Charlotte, NC

          2. I just picked up some carnitas there; one lb. for $6.50, and they make the tortiillas on the premises. So with tortillas, carnitas and lime you are all set. The times I have been there is always a line. Thanks for providing the address.