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Feb 20, 2010 09:11 AM

Atomic Horseradish

Does anyone of a source for Atomic Horseradish in the Phoenix area? Our daughter in Burbank found it at Ralph's, but no Ralph's here. For those who have not tried it, it is mind and sinus blowing.

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  1. Ralph's is part of the Kroger conglomerate, so your best bet would be to check out our Kroger owned brand, Fry's.

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    1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

      We found it at, believe it or not, Smart and Final. I say again, this is GOOD horseradish!

    2. Not familiar with that brand, but AJ's has a rather "atomic horseradish" in a 1 gal. jug in the meat/seafood department. Ask them to do a small container of it for you, and see how it suits you.

      Good luck,


      1. Not the Atomic Horseradish brand specifically, but my favorite hot hot horseradish is sold at the Midwestern Meat Market in Mesa. It's their own product, and it's fabulous.

        1. We found it at Smart & Final, off all places. Bill, I'll try at AJ's (soon to be Albertson's). Next time we're in Mesa, we'll go to Midwestern. Thanks for the replies.

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          1. re: kandmls

            Just go lightly, regardless of what you are used to. We celebrated "Polish New Year," with great friends in CO. They grew and produced their own "killer" horseradish, and we always appreciated a large jar, after the celebration. It was great, and it was hot. Still, it was easy to handle, having grown up in Tabasco Country. When I got the horseradish from AJ's, it took my breath away. Instead of doing my normal cocktail sauce with 60% horseradish and 40% catsup, plus lemon, I needed to do 30% horseradish and fill in the blanks.

            Love wasabe, but now and again, get the "real stuff," and my eyes water, and my nose burns. When done with that show, a big smile creeps across my face... [Grin]



          2. I believe I saw it at Sprouts....