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Feb 20, 2010 09:08 AM

OC's better or best lox & bagels resto breakfast?

Woo boy, was my latest breakfast at Benjie's in Tustin a disappointment.

Can anyone suggest a a better spot for lox/bagels in teh morning?? TIA

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  1. This is just FYI - Because I've never had it there; however, if I wanted somewhere in Tustin, I'd put Zov's on my short list to-try:

    ... "Bagel & Gravlox - House-cured gravlox, red onion, capers, tomato with a toasted chewy
    bagel and cream cheese"...

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    1. re: JBC

      I've had it here; they're good but not stand-out.

      1. re: OCAnn

        Alright, then where is the nearest "stand-out" place ?

        (If there is one ?).

        1. re: JBC

          Hmmm...I really haven't had one where it made me want to go back for more. For a place closer to home, I usually go to Bagel Bistro on the S/W corner of Brea and Bastanchury Blvds (Fullerton). While I really like the bagels here, the lox is good but not as good as Zov's.

    2. my dad loves the ones at Katella Deli.

      1. Shirley's Bagels has the best bagel in OC. I recommend their everything bagel which I have almost every other weekend - crisp outside, flavorful everything crust including a wonderful hit of salt. The lox are good as well but they have a weird system for ordering lox and bagels where they call it a "sandwich" and you get some potato salad on the side, which I'm sure other people might enjoy but I only wanted the bagel and lox. You order at the counter, though there are plenty of chairs and tables. (website appears to only have a home page and isn't ready yet) 3 locations - Newport beach (Jamboree and Bristol), Costa Mesa (17th street) and Laguna Beach (Broadway).

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          I'll go along with this, but only if you get the bagels fresh. They re-sell their bagels to Kean Coffee and cold they are not a success. (I have issues with the food at Kean, honestly... but the coffee is so awesome that I don't care about the food.)

          Buy the lox elsewhere, though.

        2. I have not found a good spot in OC, I usually just buy some lox and do it at home. The portions at Jerry's are way too small, so that's out. You might try Katella Deli, I know folks who swear by it for other things. Zovs does have the gravalox, but it is not quite the same thing.

          But, if you want to try a twist on it, go to Break of Dawn and get the lox there. They serve it on a little crispy pancake thing and do pile on the lox. It isn't traditional, but it is good.

          1. Have only been here once (on a whim passing by), but I had my usual (everything w/ schmear, and an Americano to go. The bagel was huge & well flavored, and they serve Kean's coffe there. There was another party dining in & one of them got a bagel w/ lox & it looked pretty good from where I stood.

            My personal fave Everythings are from Einstein's

            Also , seconded on Break of Dawn. If you want a Breakfast Experience, look no further.