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Feb 20, 2010 09:00 AM

First Visit to Flushing

I will be working for the month of March on Main Street in Flushing. I need advice on bars and restaurants in the area. I like all foods.

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    1. If you like Chinese food, Flushing has the best in New York. The portion of Main St. near the subway station and LIRR station is almost exclusively Chinese now. Numerous detailed threads on this board talk about individual restaurants and food courts in the area. Check out the Golden Mall food court downstairs at 41-28 Main St. for a unique experience like being whisked thousands of miles away. Further south on Main St. are Indian, Pakistani etc. concentrations that might also interest you.

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          This is what Chowhound is really about and best at. Sharing the love. Not Bouley vs Per Se but the xxploration of other cultures via food. Long live Chowhound and all the posters

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            not to say there isn't room for plenty of debate on Ocean Jewel vs Gala Manor, Red Chopsticks vs Laifood, Spicy and Tasty vs Little Pepper, King 5 vs Nan-Bei-He! Blessed are those (I actually mean us) who have all these choices and can have these debates! Thanks Scoop for the wrapup.


            Great inexpensive lunch specials at Spicy and Tasty. Great will find it talked about on the threads listed below.

            1. one month working in flushing... you are going to eat very well.