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Feb 20, 2010 08:42 AM

Weekly seasonal produce report?

Chowhounders: is any of you aware of a weekly radio or online report of what one would expect to find in the local farmers' markets? The closest I have found so far is the KCRW show Good Food, but that is based on Santa Monica, which might be similar to here but not exactly the same.

I'm working with a book that helps with meal planning but from a locavore point of view it doesn't make a lot of sense, offering red pepper-stuffed chicken breast as a winter menu item, as well as zucchini, etc. Now, I know you can get those at Safeway all year round, but if you are trying to stick with locally grown, seasonal food, you need to plan a different menu.

Of course I could go down every week and have a look for myself, but that would mean making two trips, with weekly menu planning in between. What can I say, I am a lazy girl!

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    1. re: wolfe

      Well, it's better than a kick in the head; that's for sure. Maybe this is a task for a local blogger. <looking around anxiously /> Thanks, Wolfe!

      1. re: kleine mocha

        The Chronicle's food section usually has an update about what's at the farmers' markets.

    2. Sign up for the CUESA weekly email which lists what is current weekly at the bottom

      While it is about the Ferry Plaza farmers vendors, it pretty much hits it on what is available that week given the variable of weather ... charts might list what is usually available, but if the cherry season is late or the fig season is kaput for a particular time, this would help.

      CUESA also has a Seasonal Eating section on their website

      Patricia Unterman's book has a seasonality chart, IIRC. I'm a little lazy about rooting through things to find it.

      1. Cuesa sends an email every Friday with what is available at the FPFM. At the bootom is a list of what is in season.

        1. Sounds like the Bay Area needs a new-fangled produce-media guru like Joe Carcione, the Green Grocer. That guy was into it. Maybe someone needs to pick or podcast someone like Bill Fujimoto, of Monterey Market fame. When you hear/read his comments on what's in season and the level of detail/knowledge, it makes you want to check stuff out.

          1. One restaurateur told me that she looks at the online menu for Chez Panisse to check on what's at peak now as one source of info.