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Feb 20, 2010 08:38 AM

Good chinese/oriental grocery stores in Ft Worth

Hi, I'm one of the newbie hounds here. I'm Malaysian Indian, living in Parker County - real close to Fort Worth - maybe 20 minutes away.

I love to cook my native homeland dishes and have been trying to find a great grocery store close to where I live. Anyone know where the good oriental stores are? I've found an Indian grocery store but they seem to be real pricey. :(

Also where can I get screwpine leaves or as its called back home "pandan" leaves? Its an essential ingredient in a number of malaysian dishes without which they won't taste the same and therefore not worth the effort of cooking them.


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  1. I'm also a newbie! I moved to Parker County 2 years ago from S. California and then to Fort Worth last April. There were two Asian markets I would occasionally visit near Belnap/N. Beach in Fort Worth but last night I tried to find them and they are gone. Hong Kong Market in Arlington would probably be closest for you, but I visited there when I first moved to Parker County and wasn't impressed. I guess I was spoiled all the years in S. California with 99 Ranch Market and all of the other great ethnic stores.

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      Barbara, thank you for the reply. I have been to 99 Ranch but in Hawaii before it closed years ago. We just moved to Parker County - Aledo actually in 2008. I got spoilt for asian spices and herbs in Honolulu. I am desperate to find a place that sells pandan plants. My search online has not yielded great results.

      I think I have heard of the one on Belknap. I will take a chance on it and try to check it out soon. Thank you.

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        You apparently didn't drive one block up, on the left side (if you're driving east on Belknap) there's another plaza with An Asian Market. Now, while still moving East go about 4 traffic lights on the right side there's a large shopping area with Restaurants, Supermarket, Beauty Parlor, Tax Preparer and a Auto Zone Store. Directly at this traffic light sits a Jack-In-The Box, the shopping area sits behind this landmark.

      2. The only Asian market I know of still open in Ft Worth is at 5302 E. Belknap, about a mile east of Beach St. An old Star Telegram article shows it as Nguyen Loi Oriental Supermarket, 818-831-4778. The other market nearby closed some time back.

        The Hong Kong market in Arlington has closed and is repleaced by a new, larger Hong Kong in Grand Prairie, also on HW 303. There is a new market in Arlington, Cho Saigon 817-795-5888, on the SW corner of Collins and HW 303. It replaced the old Saigon Taipei which moved and then quickly closed.

        1. masala

          I noticed that I didn't really answer your question. Here are three Indian markets that I do a good bit of business with:

          Bombay Bazaar
          528 Fielder North Plz # A Arlington, TX 76012

          Bombay Imports

          2301 North O Connor Road
          Irving, TX 75062-5681
          (972) 255-3037

          India Imports
          2521 West Airport Freeway
          Irving, TX 75062-6018
          (972) 255-5941

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            Thanks OnkleWillie, I will take the time and check them out. Currently, I do my shopping at an Indian grocery store on Woodway Dr in Fort Worth. India Bazar I think? It is quite a bit expensive tho.

            Anyone has suggestions for pandan plants or curry leaf plants?

          2. Super H-mart at Old Denton Road in Carrolton is the best one we have found in the area. Korean in emphasis, but the produce is excellent. Prices are good. And we have found a fairly complete array of Chinese ingredients.
            In the north FW area, Haltom City has Nguyen Loi, more Vietnamese stuff.

            1. Hi,

              The one who said about the Indian Grocery Stores, it's complete Trash. They have the stock from ages. Its useless. I went there once and found out to be completely useless.

              complete waste.

              Patel Brothers in Irving has some quality and wide variety of Indian Grocery. I recommend that.

              Once again, I'm not a business person, but a South Indian, who want to buy quality Indian Grocery.

              Also, I'm looking for the Original Sea Crystal Salt, similar to the one that I buy in India.

              Any one has any clue where I can find it???

              I see, salts from different countries, but, not like the one from back home.