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iso: Anis de Flavigny candy

I bought the violet flavour ones at Fiesta Farms and absolutely love them. I'd like to try some of the other flavours like orange blossom or mint. Does anybody know a place in Toronto where they have a selection?


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  1. I'm nearly certain I saw them at Rahier a few weeks ago, but call ahead to confirm.

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      Thank you! I'll be in that neighbourhood on Thursday, so I really hope you're right...

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        Rahier does have them. They carried violet, rose, anise, and licorice when I was there today. The rose ones are amazing!

        1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

          That's not far either. Looks like I should be in luck between Rahier and Thobors, very exciting.

        2. Ararat on Avenue Road (north of Lawrence, across from No Frills) has them. I bought some a couple of months ago, and at the time they had lots of different flavours. I love the orange and the violet ones!

          1. Baldwin Naturals has 4 or 5 flavours.

            1. i'm pretty sure i saw some by the back cashiers at fresh and wild at king and spadina.

              1. They have them at the IGA in the Beaches in various flavours.

                1. They sell them at Chabichou on Harbord as well. I saw them yesterday.

                  1. They have them at the chocolate/candy store in the basement at the St. Lawrence Market

                    1. They're carrying a few different flavours including the two you mention at Frangipane on Dupont and Madison!

                      1. Fiesta Farms now carries a selection of flavours as well... There's one or two at each cashier.