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Feb 20, 2010 07:59 AM

Miami Beach passover restaurants

Anyone know what restaurants will be open for pesach?


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  1. Not sure about this year, but last year Grill Time at 161st and Biscayne was open. I posted last year asking the same question and got no responses.

    Here are the links to the South Florida kosher certification ORB, and Kosher Miami databases and Great Kosher Restaurants- Florida

    1. the list is usually distributed a week or two before Pesach, and this year it is probably going to be shorter because there are not too many days of chol hamoed to do business.
      if you familiar with the restaurants in the area and you really need to know now, I suggest you call either the ORB/Kosher Miami, etc or each restaurant to find out about their passover status.
      you can also try to see if they have any information.

      1. Trying to find out the same thing. I have sent out a few emails - if I find any places that are open Chol Hamoed I will be happy to post here.

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        1. Does anyone know what places are open this year for chol hamoed in Miami?

          1. grill house is open passover Chol Hamoed.The restaurant located at Alton Rd & W 41st St, Miami Beach, FL 33140 305-674-9005