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Feb 20, 2010 07:07 AM

Peter Luger Steakhouse Sauce?

I've always gone by the philosophy that putting anything on a Luger steak is blasphemy, and that the Steakhouse Sauce is for the rolls, the onion/tomato salad, etc.

However, some friends adamantly disagree, saying the sauce is for steak...why else would supermarkets display them in the steak section of their stores. I argue that it's marketing, and that they feed upon the ignorance of those not "in the know." They just don't seem to get it. Or maybe I'm not getting them.

Is there any right or wrong answer? Curious to hear some other opinions re: The sauce.

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  1. I would never put it on the steak, but here's what the Luger's web site has to say:

    1. Luger's has an amazing steak. We can all agree to that. But is the sauce equally as amazing? Is it something that people write about, make a legend of or travel across the country for? Does the sauce improve the flavor of the steak? I don't know why someone would put something so mediocre as a steak sauce on perfection. I suppose you put sauce on other pieces of perfection like sushi but I take that a bit differently. Sorry for the rant. It's just that the steak itself is so good!

      1. I think that the sauce with a bite of bacon and a little bit each of onion and tomato with a small piece of onion roll is out of this world.

        Sometimes I put sauce on the steak, sometimes I don't... I think that it's great both ways and don't feel that it in any way hampers the perfection of the steak.

        1. Surely this is a question of preference, and can't be reduced to "right or wrong." That said, I tend to agree with you: a great steak should stand on its own and not require sauce. I used to buy Luger's steak sauce at Fairway for use as a condiment to sauteed vegetables -- string beans, broccoli, whatever.

          1. The original comment has been removed