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Peter Luger Steakhouse Sauce?

I've always gone by the philosophy that putting anything on a Luger steak is blasphemy, and that the Steakhouse Sauce is for the rolls, the onion/tomato salad, etc.

However, some friends adamantly disagree, saying the sauce is for steak...why else would supermarkets display them in the steak section of their stores. I argue that it's marketing, and that they feed upon the ignorance of those not "in the know." They just don't seem to get it. Or maybe I'm not getting them.

Is there any right or wrong answer? Curious to hear some other opinions re: The sauce.

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  1. I would never put it on the steak, but here's what the Luger's web site has to say:


    1. Luger's has an amazing steak. We can all agree to that. But is the sauce equally as amazing? Is it something that people write about, make a legend of or travel across the country for? Does the sauce improve the flavor of the steak? I don't know why someone would put something so mediocre as a steak sauce on perfection. I suppose you put sauce on other pieces of perfection like sushi but I take that a bit differently. Sorry for the rant. It's just that the steak itself is so good!


      1. I think that the sauce with a bite of bacon and a little bit each of onion and tomato with a small piece of onion roll is out of this world.

        Sometimes I put sauce on the steak, sometimes I don't... I think that it's great both ways and don't feel that it in any way hampers the perfection of the steak.

        1. Surely this is a question of preference, and can't be reduced to "right or wrong." That said, I tend to agree with you: a great steak should stand on its own and not require sauce. I used to buy Luger's steak sauce at Fairway for use as a condiment to sauteed vegetables -- string beans, broccoli, whatever.

          1. I completely agree with the PO and I absolutely love the luger sauce and can eat it on anything. That being said , and I'm not sure if "your not supposed to" but I do not put it on the steak AT LUGERS. I'll put it on the bacon, the burger, the homefries, tomato and onion rolls, but not the steak. I will however use it at home on lesser quality steak.

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              That might work just fine, kinda like I do with heniz 57 on lesser stuff. I'd only put that PL sauce on a steak in there if I wanted to see my father again...he'd roar from the grave to haunt me,

            2. Color me not impressed with this cloying cocktail sauce. No offense to those who like it.

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              1. re: monavano

                Alright, I'll offend those who like it. This stuff is terrible. I saw this sitting on the shelf and figured I'd give it a try. Big mistake. Definitely a cocktail sauce for shrimp, although I'd have a hard time suffocating shrimp in this stuff. If I wanted ketchup and horseradish on my steak I'd put ketchup and horseradish on my steak. And I'm no steak snob purist. I'll do salt and pepper or herb butter or a good stinky blue cheese or whatever I'm in the mood for. But Peter Luger's "sauce" is the worst thing to put on a steak since bananas.


                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  Boy, what did a cow ever do to Stanley??

                  I think I didn't know what to expect from the sauce, and love the same toppings you do, so I was just caught by surprise when I tasted it.
                  Not for me. I don't even like my cocktail sauce this sweet.

                  1. re: monkeyrotica

                    It's not steak sauce.

                    PL serves on on salad

                    1. re: C. Hamster

                      If that's the case, I'm gonna try this stuff on a reuben sandwich instead of russian dressing. Maybe the salty meat/cheese and sauerkraut will offset the sweetness.

                2. I've yet to eat at the joint, but have been known to occasionally baste steak tips with it on the bbq.

                  1. I will never put steak sauce on a quality steak, but then again I'm a bit of a steak snob. I love steak and I love the pure taste of it with perhaps some pre-cooked seasoning etc. I think people who are casual steak eaters, or those who just love the taste of sauces will dip their steak in the sauce. My assumption is it's purely a personal taste issue.

                    I keep a bottle of Peter Luger on hand for guests. No harm in it and it is rather tasty for a cocktail sauce. (I add more horse radish). When you go to Lugers it's served with most if not all courses. (it's been awhile since I've been)

                    As I said, I never put it on a quality steak, every once in awhile I do get the hankering for a diner level steak, and I enjoy soaking up some good ole A-1 sauce, dipping onion rings and fries in it.......I think it reminds me of my youth. lol

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                    1. re: jrvedivici

                      My thoughts, too.
                      I grew up in a "well done" family. I probably never tasted quality beef, let alone a med. rare steak until adulthood.
                      So, the A-1 was a life saver that gave those hockey pucks some flavor!
                      I still crave it, but generally as you do, only use it on lesser beef, or reheated beef leftovers. I love it on baked potatoes too.
                      I just happened to note that my local grocery store carried Lugers in the meat section, and having heard of this very famous steak house, I thought I'd give it a whirl.
                      Perhaps I can "doctor" it up a bit before throwing in the towel.

                      1. re: monavano

                        I agree with doctoring these things up. you can gt a useful sauce for lots of things, even French fries. A-1 is not a thick as it used to be and I don't think it tastes as good as it used to but I only put in one things like inferior meat or hamburgers when I was a kid.

                        Horseradish added to Luger's stuff is a good idea.

                        1. re: hazelhurst

                          Crazy idea? Maybe Lugers would give a little somethin' somethin' to a Bloody Mary.

                            1. re: monavano

                              I still have half a bottle of this stuff leftover. I think I'll see how it works as a mambo sauce substitute on some fried chicken wings, extra salty to compensate for the sweet. And maybe a splash of Tabasco to jack the heat up.


                              1. re: hazelhurst

                                Funny you said this, I don't remember when the last time I used it was but let's say within the past year. When I poured it seemed "thinner" to me, I just assumed the restaurant was watering it down, or mixing it with a generic steak sauce to get more mileage out of the bottle.

                                Give some hot horse radish a try with the Luger sauce it does improve it, especially if being used as a cocktail sauce.

                                If I have some on hand that is going to expire soon I've thrown it into my chili and stews as well.

                          1. Never been to Luger's and never tried their sauce. Also, I never put any kind of steak sauce on steak, but that doesn't mean I think there's anything wrong with doing so. Steak sauce in general is some tasty stuff and I could see how it might enhance a steak.

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                            1. re: Perilagu Khan

                              In general, I'm a Calvin Trillin type guy-if asked, "What do you want on that?", my first impulse is "Everything!".

                              However, I've never wanted to put anyhing on any steak, burger, lamb, bacon, whatever, that I've has at PL. I will take pieces of porterhouse (either side, strip or filet) and turn them in the drippings on the platter. I will put butter on the rolls that come (warm) with the steak. When my son put cocktail sauce on his shrimp at PL (I think he was about 3 years old), I made no objection. I have tasted the PL sauce, just out of curiosity. As such things go, I have nothing against it. However, to reiterate, I have never had a red meat dish at PL that made me want to cover the flavor in any way.Some lillies require no gilding.

                            2. I don't usually, but I love their steak sauce so yep, I do it!