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Feb 20, 2010 02:19 AM

butcher meat best before date?

How long should the chuck steak last in my fridge? It's been 7 days now. Looks alright, smells a little sweet.

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  1. 7 DAYS??????? Pun intended......chuck it OUT!!

    1. Don't throw it out..I work in a restaurant and we keep meat in the walk in longer than that with no long as your fridge is at the proper temperature the meat is still safe to eat. However, you should either cook it asap or put it in the freezer.

      1. As long as the meat has not been sitting in it's own pool of blood, it should be fine.

          1. Trust your senses, Soop. If it looks and smells ok, it's ok. There's a difference between spoiled and toxic. Here's a recent article from Slate that sums it up nicely:


            For beef in particular, keep in mind that some cuts are aged for up to 6 weeks under refrigeration and there doesn't seem to be much concern about food poisoning, at least among those who can afford dry aged beef.