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Feb 19, 2010 08:43 PM

Best Pizza Margherita

Ok, I know that the ever present debate of NY's best Pizza place is never ending and all over, but what about the best pizza margherita? I'm talking about crust that's paper thin and blistering, simple but tasty tomato sauce without going overboard, and cheese. I've had pizza all over manhattan but I'm yet to find anything like what I had in Italy. Any suggestions?

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  1. have you tried Motorino? Sam Sifton just reviewed it in the Times this week. i know many of us have issues with his writing/reviewing style, but he sounded pretty jazzed about their margherita. my guess is that it's similar to what Mangieri was doing at Una Pizza Napoletana.

    "But, wow, that margherita pie is good: perfect-pitch dough with exactly the correct ratios of tomato to cheese to surface area to char to bubble and flat."

    note: i haven't tried it myself. as a celiac sufferer, i'm reduced to living vicariously through my more fortunate, gluten-eating fellow CHers!

    you can also search for reviews of La Pizza Fresca - i've heard good things. and i could swear i read here on CH that one of the Tuscan restaurants downtown (Peasant, maybe?) does an amazing, authentic margherita like what you'd get in Naples.

    1. My choice by far would be Keste especially since Una Pizza Napoletana is gone. In fact, you made a good choice by asking about margheritas specifically because I think that's the best choice at Keste. Nice and simple but pizza that will knock you on the floor.

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          I will 3rd Keste! I'm just back from Italy and did not find pizza as good as Keste's margherita--And I surely tried :(

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            Definitely Keste! The one with buffalo mozz. Yum!
            Also liked Luzzo's.

            211 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003

          2. We went to both Motorino and Luzzo last week. Both were excellent! The Motorino crust was a little 'bready' but in a very good way, and every flavor on the Marguerita was distinct- a definite plus.Having dined once at UPN I can only say, thank goodnesss they are gone. The pizza might have been highly touted (altho it seemed mediocre to me) but refusing to serve tap water was so obnoxious it soured the whole experience. Luzzo was jammed and the pizza was very hearty. The restaurant has a larger menu than Motorino so ,unlike Motorino- you can have pasta too. I highly recommend both of them..

            1. I feel Co. serves up some of the best pizzas in the city. I visited Motorino in Brooklyn and it wasn't up to par. The pizzas weren't anything special and the Soppressata in the Soppressata Piccante pizza was very dry and almost stale. The only thing at Co. is the wait for a table can be a bit long since they don't take reservations, but its 100% worth it!

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                I completely agree. I love Keste and Co. Didn't really enjoy Motorino.

                349 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003

              2. Based on the OP's description of their ideal, I think La Pizza Fresca will be the safest bet.
                Their crust has a bit of chew and lighter bake to it, which might be of a different tradition than they like, but it's still a good bet.