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Feb 19, 2010 08:15 PM

A Vegetarian at Guang Zhou/Perfect Team Corporation: Out of Luck??

I'm joining friends for my first visit to Guang Zhou aka Perfect Team Corporation and wonder if I'll actually have anything to eat there, since I'm the lone vegetarian. Anyone done this assessment?

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  1. Well, I guess the question is what do you mean by vegetarian? Are meat based gravies and broths OK? If so, you'd be in fine shape, since the hallmark of all large Hong Kong style/Cantonese restaurants like Guang Zhou (and a lot of smaller ones) is a large menu with choices in many categories, including vegetables/tofu. If not, things could be dicey, though there are enough Buddhist vegetarians in the Chinese community that there might be a couple of pure vegetarian dishes on the menu. One common vegetarian dish is sometimes referred to as Buddha's Feast in English. Another common vegetarian dish includes egg tofu, broccoli and mushrooms. Finally, most larger Chinese restaurants are amenable to special requests--you could ask them to cook a particular vegetable on their menu using only oil, garlic etc.and salt.

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      Thank you for this reply and offer of help, Chandavkl. I would myself be looking to avoid meat and seafood, and gravies and broths made with them. The three people I'll be with will fully participate in the dim sum tomorrow, and though I may have a more modest meal myself, I'm certain I'll enjoy being there anyway. I understand that I will have some options off of their menu, if not as much off of the carts.

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        Dim sum will be tough since there aren't a lot of choices without any meat based components. There's chinese broccoli--is oyster sauce off limits? Maybe you can load up on desserts (look for "tofu fa," mango pudding, and similar items). Many places will let you order non-dim sum items during dim sum hour, but be aware it might be the "B" team handling those items in the kitchen.