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Feb 19, 2010 06:48 PM

What to do with smoked pork butt?

I just bought a massive bone-in smoked pork butt (6 lbs!). The packaging states that it is only "partially" cooked, and that you must cook it more before eating.

I'll be chopping up some of it to go into split pea soup. But what else can I do with this partially-cooked hunk of porky goodness? (Also, there are just 2 of us in the house... can I freeze some of this for later?)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Remove the bone for your split pea soup, plus some of the coarse pieces of meat, to be added at the end,
    That will leave two or three pieces for slicing, or a small ham steak.

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      Thanks Jayt90. I guess I'd treat those ham steaks as though they came from one of those smaller, fully cooked hams that come wrapped in plastic?

    2. Sounds great for pulled pork. Save the bone for a soup.

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      1. re: KaimukiMan

        As the OP is in Toronto, I'm guessing that this is a dense, cured and well-smoked ham-like shoulder, and may not pull apart for pulled pork. This is a traditional Quebec product, usually wrapped in netting.

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          You're right, jayt90, it's a big dense meaty thing. I thought about throwing it in the crock pot for some BBQ-style goodness, but wasn't sure if that would work since the texture as it is right now really seems nothing like a raw pork roast or brisket.

        2. re: KaimukiMan

          Thanks KaimukiMan! That bone is definitely going into soup, I've never done soup with smoked pork bone before, looking forward to it!

        3. - pulled pork sandwiches, definitely
          - i'd also use some in a Mexican stew or soup with some smoky chiles or roasted poblanos.
          - posole
          - pulled pork tacos
          - enchiladas
          - cuban sandwiches with mojo
          - quiche
          - salade lyonnaise (instead of bacon)
          - braised pork & cabbage
          - shepherd's pie
          - tamales

          and yes, you can freeze some if you're not up for a total pork-fest right now...or you can send some to me ;)

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            goodhealthgourmet is a motherluvin' stud. What s/he said.

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              LOL! gee, thanks :) and to clarify the gender issue, my avatar is sort of a cartoon rendering of me.

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                Agreed! And your screen name is pretty hilarious, btw.

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                Ohhhh Cuban sandwich. Genius. I haven't had one in so long! We'll likely be freezing a good part of it, but I think I'll have to dedicate some to a black bean soup w/ chipotle pepper. Thanks for the great ideas!

              3. Chop up and add to slow pan cooked potatoes and onions; top with a fried or poached egg for breakfast.

                Sautee up some diced pork, onion, peppers and garlic with a little ham, chicken or veggie broth and top some grits or creamy polenta.

                Cut off some slices and quickly pan braise in a little apple juice or broth; sandwich with some cheddar or smoked gouda between a fluffy biscuit.

                Juilenne some pieces, broil and add to a chef's salad or a salad of mixed greens, ham, thinly sliced red onion and apple or pears; maybe some feta or cheddar and walnuts.

                So much you can do and yes, you can freeze it.

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                1. re: Cherylptw

                  I love the breakfast idea, sounds perfect for brunch! And I hadn't thought to put it in salad... the salads they sell at my workplace have these sad drippy little strips of cold cuts in them, this would be so much better. Apple, ham, red onion, & feta would make for a happy lunch indeed. Thanks!

                2. SAUTE BASIC MIRE-POIX,carrotts,celery,onions and garlic
                  till tender, and your left over bones with meat still on it,cover with water
                  and boil for 20 minutes ,than let simmer for an x-tra hour or so
                  add a butternut or acorn squash and cook till squash is in a pureed state, if you don't feel like peeling, cut big chunks of squash add them to stock and 1/2 way thru take out with chef tongs , peel and discard, it won't hurt your soup, portion control it in ziplocks and freeze for some other nights....ED

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                  1. re: hobokeneddies

                    Thanks for this! I've wanted to make squash soup all fall and winter, but hadn't gotten around to it. Fortunately I'm in Canada, so there'll be plenty of soup-weather ahead!