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Feb 19, 2010 05:43 PM

New Dim Sum Suggestions

So typically my son and I go to Joy Tsin Lau for Dim Sum. We've fallen into a pork dumpling, shrimp dumpling, scallion bun, and sticky rice routine. We've recently added radish cakes as well (so good). Are there any other favorites that anyone could suggest?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. stuffed eggplant or green peppers, bean curd skin rolls, curry squid...

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        def the stuffed veg, the shrimp in wide rice noodles, congee and any bean paste bun/dumpling.

      2. My son (23) and I go there too. We have never ordered anything. The fun for I

        Us is to point at whateverlooks interesting and try it

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          Not trying to start trouble but is it possible to rename this post since it seems to be all about Joy Tsin Lau rather than recommendations for good Dim Sum places in general? I've been in mourning ever since Lakeside Chinese Deli closed up shop. Are there other Dim Sum places you folks habituate other than JTL?

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            I thought the one right across Joy Tsin Lau is just as good. Ocean Harbor. I actually like Ocean Harbor because the service is not as bad.

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              Our family adores dim sum and are also sad about the LCD closing. Although it is not like LCD at all, the current favorite is Imperial Inn. Our Chinese friends have taken us into Chinatown several times and they frequent both JTL and more often go to Ocean City for the seafood.

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                I have been to Imperial Inn. It is ok, but it is not great. Not a lot of consumers either. Service is good though. When did LCD close? I guess I have never tried it. I like Ocean Harbor a bit better than Joy Tsin Lau because at least Ocean Harbor always asks my team preference. The service in Joy Tsin Lau can be rude at times. Sometime ok, sometime horrible. I have been shoved with unknown tea several time in Joy Tsin Lau. I asked them to take it back. I were like: "You are not going to even ask what tea I want?" He was like "So, what tea you want then?" Anyway, bad experience with service. Just so you know, I am extremely easy going in real life. I don't even mind if people serve me half cold Dim Sum, but not asking what tea a consumer wants is very impolite in Dim Sum etiquette. Afterall, Dim Sum is the food. The event is actually called "Yum Cha" which means drink tea.

                Again, JTL is pretty ok for foods. I just don't like the way I were treated.

              2. re: Rondo

                >Are there other Dim Sum places you folks habituate other than JTL?

                Haven't been in ages but I used to go with friends to Kingdom of Vegetarians all of the time for the dim sum. Great deal and way more food than we could manage, and even the non-veggies in our group used to love it.

                Used to do Imperial Inn on occasion as well. Sometimes it was great, sometimes pretty meh. Had to hit it just right that it was crowded enough that they kept a lot of different carts running, but not so crowded that you had to pounce on anything that went by.

            2. pork shumai, sesame ball, spare ribs, shark fin dumplings [a true delicacy]. also try HK golden phoenix for dim sum, it's better than joy tsin lau and ocean harbor.