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whats good food in yorktown heights?

Any good restuarants ?

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  1. Gaudio's is not fancy, but the food is good and does not break the bank

    1. The Heights Bistro on Underhill Ave. is lively and the food is quite good with a good vegetarian selection, too.

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        The Heights Bistro closed last week. I would not be surprised if Thyme on Rt 202 contributed to their demise. I actually never ate at The Heights - when they first opened, their menu was odd and there was invariably one ingredient in each dish that I wold not eat (I do not eat shellfish or pork). I think they simplified their menu after a while but we never got there, which was odd since we live in Yorktown.

      2. We enjoy Peter Pratt's Inn for special occasions. From what I've read on these boards, folks either love this place or hate it -- we just happen to be in the first group. We've never had a poor experience here and the food/service has always been outstanding. It is pricey though for day-to-day eating. For casual dining, we like Empire Hunan. In general, pretty run of the mill Chinese and Japanese food, but there are a few things there we really enjoy -- House Special Soup for Two and their perpetual Buy-3-Get-1-Free deal on sushi rolls really hit the spot.

        1. I agree with the below. THere is also Okinawa Japanese , a Japanases/Hibachi restaurant that is good.

          1. I also like Gaudio's as well as Piatto Grill, Empire Hunan and Little Sorrento.

            1. there is a place in shrub oak called bob b q's i don't know how far that is from you but the food is great and the owner is a nice guy

              1. Okinawa Hibachi/Japanese is very good.
                Hanada sushi is very good.
                Heights Bistro is quite good.
                Peter Pratt Inn is very good and worth it just for the ambiance.
                Piatto Grill is fine (perfect for larger groups).
                Empire Hunan is actually pretty good.
                Little Sorrento's is good "red sauce" italian
                Finnegan's has good Irish pub food (though it is basically a bar).
                Murphy's is standard "family fare" but the place is nice and they have a pleasant garden eating area.

                For take out or lunch Mimi's Mediterranean makes a good falafel. Turco's has good take out (or you can eat in their dinning section which is actually very nice).

                Beyond that, we drive 10 minutes to Mt Kisco!

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                  I just remembered that Hanada sushi changed its name and maybe management and is now Hirame Sushi. I haven't been since...


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                    We ate there just as they had changed (outside name was still Hanako, credit card came out Hirame). Food was good but the portions seemed smaller. My wife had chicken teriyaki (I know, what can I do) and it used to be 2 breasts and was now just 1. The sushi was still good.

                    I agree that Empire Hunan is not bad. Had lunch at Okinawa one day and was really upset that they did not include soup or salad with lunch and have not been back. My favorite Chinese in the area in Tengda in Katonah.

                    On the subject of Pratts - they have a great AYCE buffet on Wednesday nights during the summer.

                    Don't forget Umami in Croton and Holy Smoke (BBQ) in Mahopac.

                    Interesting about Mimi's and falafel.. will have to try that! I knew they were there but I don't think they were Mediterranean when they first opened.

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                    Where is Mimi's Mediterranean--sounds interesting?

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                      It's a deli in that mini-strip on Commerce Street (across from the Railroad Park and North County Trailway). I've had the fallafel and tabouli, both of which I liked. It has some other mediterranean dishes and the whole range of standard deli stuff. It is pleasant and has a few tables, but is basically a take-out place.

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                        Thanks! Re: Jennifer's, I think the food is mediocre and overpriced for what it is. I think it's crowded because there really isn't any competition for German food in the area except for Traveler's Rest.

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                          Thanks. I guess that is what I heard about Jennifer's years ago--which explains why I've never been!

                  3. This reminds me... Has anyone ever been to Jennifer's German restaurant on Rt 118 in Yorktown Heights? I think I heard bad things about it years ago, but the parking lot is often crowded and the menu looks good. Anyone know if it is worth trying?

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                      We liked Jennifer's when we visited last year. My husband's Austrian family likes it too. They went through a spell where they lost their Austrian chef due to illness. As of last year, he was back and the food was outstanding. Can't say how it's doing currently, though.

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                        Hey DMA1250...I think that your assessment of the Yorktown choices was dead on, so you might like Jennifer's. My husband and I are regulars. Place isn't fancy, but food is amazingly consistent, Spaten draft can't be beat and service is excellent. Stand out dishes include stuffed pork tenderloin, rack of lamb, beef roulade. Price of meal includes a salad, so many forgo the appetizer. Warm, family run place. Reservations a must for Sat. night as word is out.