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Feb 19, 2010 05:34 PM

whats good food in yorktown heights?

Any good restuarants ?

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  1. Gaudio's is not fancy, but the food is good and does not break the bank

    1. The Heights Bistro on Underhill Ave. is lively and the food is quite good with a good vegetarian selection, too.

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        The Heights Bistro closed last week. I would not be surprised if Thyme on Rt 202 contributed to their demise. I actually never ate at The Heights - when they first opened, their menu was odd and there was invariably one ingredient in each dish that I wold not eat (I do not eat shellfish or pork). I think they simplified their menu after a while but we never got there, which was odd since we live in Yorktown.

      2. We enjoy Peter Pratt's Inn for special occasions. From what I've read on these boards, folks either love this place or hate it -- we just happen to be in the first group. We've never had a poor experience here and the food/service has always been outstanding. It is pricey though for day-to-day eating. For casual dining, we like Empire Hunan. In general, pretty run of the mill Chinese and Japanese food, but there are a few things there we really enjoy -- House Special Soup for Two and their perpetual Buy-3-Get-1-Free deal on sushi rolls really hit the spot.

        1. I agree with the below. THere is also Okinawa Japanese , a Japanases/Hibachi restaurant that is good.

          1. I also like Gaudio's as well as Piatto Grill, Empire Hunan and Little Sorrento.