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Feb 19, 2010 05:17 PM

A dry rosé to go with pasta carbonara

Can anyone recommend a good, dry rosé to pair with a classic carbonara (eggs/pancetta/pecorino)? Would be good if it was under $25. Thanks.

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  1. I'm not sure it's better than others, but my favorite rose is probably Ameztoi Rubentis, a Basque rose. If you're in Manhattan they probably carry it at Chambers Street Wines. I have to say though that the 2008 was a step down from prior vintages. It's like if Chablis made rose. I also like Donkey and a Goat Cuvee Isabel. The only one I can think of that wouldn't work would be something like Roty's Marsannay, which needs age any way.
    A good wine store like Chambers Street Wines can make a recommendation from what they've got in inventory.

    1. Roses tend to have disappeared by this time in winter, but I've seen stock on Chateau Pourcieux, a Provencal favorite, for about $12, at K+D and Garnet. From Italy, try a Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo, from montepulciano grapes; versions from Cataldi Madonna and Vigna Reale are around in larger shops (Garnet, Astor) for under $20.

      1. Fiddlehead - Pink Fiddle

        1. Bholgeri Rosato 2007. Quite unique, but has the balance and the oopmh to hang with carbonara. Buyer beware, you must appreciate bit of earth and barnyard.

          And BTW - I love it that no one so far has tried to play Wine Pairing Upsmanship game and tried to talk Tatayana into something else.

          Let them have Rose!

          1. Here's a similar thread:
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            I think Rose Champagne is my favorite. Some domestic sparklers can be had
            for $25 and under.