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Feb 19, 2010 05:04 PM

Rosey's BBQ in Jenkintown

Stopped by to meet the new owner of Rosey's BBQ last night. (Old Abners BBQ). Had some of the best Southern BBQ since I was down south. New owner, new chef, great BBQ. Had a BBQ chicken and slaw. The grand opening is not until April 1st, but the cat is out of the bag. Cannot wait to go back and try some pulled pork.

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  1. Did Abners go out of business? move?

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    1. re: kiwijen

      Stopped by Sunday for the Pulled Pork and slaw. OMG. The pork was outrageous and the slaw had a very nice afterburner. Looking forward to trying the BBQ brisket and ribs next week.

      1. re: kiwijen

        Where is Abners? If someone is listening, please bring it back!!!! I will go out of my to find them. I don't think I will try Roseys again. Its just not as good. Very disappointed!

      2. Just had lunch there. It was ver good but, honestly, I thought Abner's was better. It was nearly the same menu as Abner's. They did not have the chili though. Abner's had this outrageoud chili, chunky and full of smoky meat, best I ever had. Note to Rosey's owners - please get a good chili on the menu!!! Meats were good - I had smoked turkey which was nice to see on the menu. They had gorgeous red velvet cupcakes (my weakness!). It was good but looked better than it tasted. Service was great. Overall it was good, I'd definitely go back, but I just can't help comparing it to Abner's!

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        1. re: AmblerGirl

          Thanks for the review. We had stopped going to Abner's, but it is close to us, so maybe we'll give Rosey's a try. We usually head the opposite direction to Sweet Lucy's. They have pretty great chili, like the one you describe, but I can't compare since I never tried Abner's version.

          1. re: AmblerGirl

            FYI, Abner's was NC BBQ, Rosey's is Memphis BBQ. There is a difference. You will never see Chili in Memphis, and brisket is never served with gravy.

            Just came back from lunch there. Had the BBQ Nacho's (with pulled pork) and loaded fries with brisket. The meats were outstanding. We even took home leftovers for an appetizer with dinner.

            Were talking with another couple having lunch and enjoyed it so much they ordered extra take out fo their kids for dinner.

            Looking forward to my next visit in 2 weeks!

            1. re: teddybare

              Never much cared for Abner's. The meat was tender but tasteless. Look forward to trying the new place.

          2. We went to Rosey's the other night and thought it was ok. We both ordered chicken, I got a sandwich Memphis style and he got the 1/2 smoked chicken. The smoked chicken was a little dry. We also got the mac and cheese, which was ok, but not great. We think it was better than Abners, but not as good as Sweet Lucy's. Sweet Lucy's is still our favorite and there the sandwhiches and platters come with the sides, which is a much better deal.
            I want to go back and try the ribs and brisket.

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            1. re: b1979

              I think it was pretty close to Abner's. I do like their cole slaw better. I wish they would offer mashed potatoes. I guess if I'm going to splurge and have brisket, I might as well go all the way with the mased potatoes. Also, why doesn't anyone do beef ribs? They are my absolute favorite.

              1. re: DaisyM

                I understand that they are going to do beef ribs but only on the weekend.

                1. re: teddybare

                  My favorite! Thanks for letting me know.

            2. We stopped by Rosey's last night had had a good meal, not great. I had the ribs, which were tastey but a bit dry. Their sause was good, better then Sweet Lucy's. Lucy's ribs are better but their sause is week. Rosey's ribs wer falling off the bone, but dry.

              My wife had The Crunchy Spicey chicken sandwich which she really liked. Th cole slaw was very good. I enjoyed the meal but will stick to Sweety Lucy's only because it is closer to home.

              1. I have been there twice for lunch, getting the "Memphis", chopped chicken sandwich both times. I think it is wonderful, (better than Abners, which I ate at a dozen times)

                My husband got the crunchy pork, what and out of this world texture combo! Thick, home cooked potato chips on a pulled pork sandwich! So good. I cannot remember if his had slaw on it. i think i will be getting that the next time we go. (oh yes, there will be plenty of next times!)

                We also got the baked beans, which are amazing. I love smokieness and the meat chunks.